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Man Jailed For Raping His Two Daughters Aged 17 And 13

Man Jailed For Raping His Two Daughters Aged 17 And 13

A Masvingo man has been sentenced to 27 years in prison after he was convicted of raping his two daughters on separate occasions in rural Masvingo under Chief Nyajena.

The man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his daughters, pleaded not guilty but was convicted because of overwhelming evidence and sentenced to 32 years in prison.

Five years were suspended on condition of good behavior and he will serve an effective 27 years in prison.

The court heard that in June 2021, the convict sneaked into the room of his 17-year-old daughter at night and raped her before threatening to kill her if she screamed or disclosed the ordeal.

On July 8, 2021, he raped his 13-year-old daughter. 

Court heard on that night, he returned home around 9pm to find his wife and children already in their respective bedrooms.

He proceeded to his 13-year-old daughter’s bedroom where he went on to get into her blankets.

The elder daughter discovered he was about to rape her younger sibling and ran to inform their mother, who then tried to restrain him.

The man fought back, overpowered the wife, dragged her to their matrimonial bedroom, locked the door from outside, and returned to rape the 13-year-old.

Liberty Hove who appeared for the state told the court that the convict raped her twice that night before vanishing.

A police report was made the following day and a manhunt was launched leading to his arrest.


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Derea 2 months ago

27 years, haa Zimbabwe ngaiite serious

Grace 2 months ago

Mukati havasi veZanu Pf baba ava?

Grace 2 months ago

Mukati havasi veZanu Pf baba ava?

Gggvg 2 months ago

Uyu anoda kugurwa sin ogara mujeri nevakadz chte anoita bhoooo

Tanu Mark Finnity 2 months ago

For me in such case if I was the judge I would order an execution of the his private unrespectful parts to be cut off and give him two life jail sentence's because in truth no normal parent would do this to his own daughter's his totally crazy upstairs in his head

kodzs 2 months ago

inyaya yekugsdzira iyi .how can someone lock a door and proceed to rape .
nyatsondibatai mai ava vakaita maths apa.
anyway maonero angu but varume tiri pa ma1 ko kungono ketcha.


mafia 2 months ago

kuna baba vakadaro

yes 2 months ago

**** munhu

yes 2 months ago

**** munhu

yes 2 months ago

**** munhu

yes 2 months ago

**** munhu

yes 2 months ago

**** munhu

yes 2 months ago

**** munhu

yes 2 months ago

**** munhu

Jombo 2 months ago

This man is cruel and i think he is the big brother of lucifer why cant we take his manhood like what he did digging his daughters girlhoods

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Dog section...

𝔼𝕣𝕚𝕔 2 months ago

These courts just reduce sentences by up to 5yrs on claims of good behaviour , what good behaviour when he failed to b a protector ? Good behaviour in court for 30mins gives u a 5yr discount yet a lifetime of being a monster in society is at risk . Where hes goin hes gonna meet his match ! But still its nt enough even the 32yrs was a joke .

S 2 months ago

Now I know why other countries put such people on death sentences. Because you would have killed your child's being for the rest of her life.

MuGrade 2 2 months ago

Under normal circumstances,he won't rape her own daughter in e presence of both mother n other daughter... surely,there was a spirit that was driving,most probably,a spirit of quick riches...the spirit him,now he is behind bars...It happens when your ancestors all are against using a goblin..

MuGrade 2 2 months ago

That's my opinion..n that is yours too.. opinions aren't facts

》》》 2 months ago

Spirit spirit spirit!!!
Shut the F*ck Up!
His may have been a purely psychopathological problem. Your lack in understanding in something doesn't automatically qualify it to be caused by demons or spirits.

Nyax nyax 2 months ago

This is getting out of hand. They should be given very stiffer sentences deterrent to wouldbe offenders.

I would suggest a life sentence

Never 2 months ago

Now his mind is back to normal. What was driving him insane has vanished.

Never 2 months ago

Now his mind is back to normal. What was driving insane has vanished.

inini 2 months ago

hakuna kudhakwa kwakadaro. mishonga iyo

kof 2 months ago

mushonga ipiko this is caused by a dirt lusting mind. people should desist from ever saying mushonga yeyi?kudhakwa nepfungwa dzakawora

lady ju 2 months ago

in Dr Amai's voice"he should be castrated simple"why 27 yers in jail wasting national resources nca

sidambe 2 months ago

Amshona lithanda inotho ngendlela embi. This guy was probably told that in order to have a lot of money he should have **** with her own flesh and blood which is taboo in our culture as Africans, tsvagai mari mushe mani vana Tagwirei vari nani mani, SIES mani

千凵几Ꮆ Ҡ凵 2 months ago

Its nt a Shona thing , it happens in every race , tribe , nation vele it happens worldwide . Yikuhlanya lokhu kufana lokukaka ubuye udle ilongwe lakho . Its jus pure madness . White pple do it akula mithi abayenzayo . Its a sickness upstairs

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

From Article :The man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his daughters.

Masvingo is close to Bulawayo, so most probably the guy is ndere

𝔼𝕣𝕚𝕔 2 months ago

Asozinto zetribe lezi bafoe kkk esiNdebelwni iyenzakala lento ungabe ungakahlangani layo but iyenzakala abantu bayimbambathe ilale kodwa ke ohlukumezekayo ngumntwana

Now most children get educated on these acts n they r told to report them either at school or straight to police thats why these cases sezizwakala , these cts have been happening but bcoz of victims nt able to speak out they wer nt reported

mngane36 2 months ago

Umdlwenguli ngoweMasvingo not koBulawayo eeyi liyazenz'izinto Bantu bempumalanga ophezulu uzalinanka ngolukhulu swazi ngoba selingenza loba yini ngenxa yokuthandi mali.

Mpintshisi 2 months ago

Good thing you said Masvingo is closed to Bulawayo..that simply means,if it had happened in BULAWAYO,it could be anyone either from Masvingo or Matebeleland...buh Masvingo is large a rural with small town,e majority who are there are mavhitori...and as u know e precedence,ndexy migrate to S.A not Masvingo.. thanks for understanding

Khumalo 2 months ago

No it's not. Masvingo is a Shona word. These are your people doing these kind of things. Sirs🤮

Isaac mavirigwa 2 months ago

Kushandiswa mudzinza kuti imba yake iparare chivhu

cute 2 months ago

huku ikudya mazai ayo

Armed Robbery 2 months ago

Mmmm what's going on with our country, this guy has a wife and intended to rape daughter.......something or maybe kushandisa miti

Jinx 2 months ago

He's not supposed to go to jail. He needs to go to a mental asylum.
He's obviously mental

King Bosso III 2 months ago

witchcraft! uyaloya lo!

Phidza 2 months ago

Vanhu vakadai havafanirwe kutapudzirwa makore this animal must rot in there **** mhan

Jinx 2 months ago

Sick in the mind.

Executioner 2 months ago

This is horrible. He should have gone to bars to get some prostitutes instead of raping his own blood. It's just my own opinion

Chichi 2 months ago

Yaa bt those ppl Havana chavanenge vainacho

Armed Robbery 2 months ago

True that, how can someone do such thing when you have a wife

Phidza 2 months ago

I think ndezvemishonga ini its not normal

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