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Man Divorces His Wife Of 10 Years For Bleaching Her Skin

Man Divorces His Wife Of 10 Years For Bleaching Her Skin

A disgruntled South African-based Zimbabwean man from the DRC section in Empumalanga, Hwange, recently divorced his wife of 10 years reportedly for bleaching her skin.

Ironically, the woman, Ellen Moyo, bleached her skin to make herself more appealing to her husband Norman Mabutho only for him to send her packing for that.

B-Metro reported a source as saying Mabutho came back from South Africa where he works, a fortnight ago and found his wife almost unrecognisable.

Ellen reportedly decided to bleach her black skin after she discovered that her husband was having an extra-marital affair with a light-skinned woman.

She thought that by bleaching her skin, she would become more attractive to her husband and make him stop dating light-skinned women. Said the source:

The move, however, backfired when her husband who works in South Africa came back and found her looking different.

When her husband saw her, he was shocked because she was really light in her complexion.

Her husband was also complaining about the smell of her body which he said was no longer good.

Relatives and friends tried to convince the husband to stick with their marriage but he refused.

The shamed wife is now going around telling people that she is the one who opted out of the marriage since her husband was cheating on her and is declaring that she will never ever get back with him.

Mabutho also thought that the reason why Ellen had decided to bleach her skin was that she was cheating on him.

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23 Comments 2 months ago

Maone aya

Vybz Gokwe Kartel 2 months ago

When I grown up I wanting to be Micheal Jackson and no stopping that will buy dipresoner and bleach very too much till I get white man and be friends to Joe Biden and marry Kardashian. sorry man
Thanx man

Vybz Gokwe Kartel 2 months ago

Loan from those Munanagwa

I was in pumura 2 months ago

and you would looked beautiful do you have the money to boughting the deprisoner

pfachaa 2 months ago

kkkk zvakazorambawo hazvo angabatwa nekayellow wave mkadzi uyo


Thula Msindo 2 months ago

💃Fellow ladies, nature made us beautiful. I am dark and chubby but confortable that way.This bleeching ussue your body rots from under the skin-kuora chaiko vasikaña. That is why offeñsive odour.

Tuku sang,"Dada nerudzi rwako, chimiro chako netsika dzako..." Just take it he also meant complexion parudzi besides race, ****, tribe or ethnicity🌹

🐒Hey Wena, Ellen, Thula Msindo🦍

mukanya 2 months ago

thank you chubby

GThing 2 months ago


Figo 2 months ago

"..almost unrecognizable" shame

Lupold 2 months ago

Emajida Liyi swie

Present 2 months ago


Executive Zvimbazi 2 months ago

"Kana Ndakaku roora wakadaro ndokuda wakadaro" - to all the girls.

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

Losing your identity messing with biology caught up in yo fantasy it's sho to end in tragedy,🎺🎺🎺

chinzwayi 2 months ago

ko zanu yapinda papi.aapa kkkk ko chii nhai
tupid is it not.

cute 2 months ago


Anonymous 2 months ago

Chero dai ndirini ayienda

cute 2 months ago

haya zvakaoma pasi neZanu pf

Chen 2 months ago

The secret to make yourself appealing is to fatten your pockets cdes and friends weather female or male. Ask Chenhamo Chimutengwende and Mkhadzi. Ndapedza

Philimon Mutubuki 2 months ago

zvichimbo itirwei

CCC 2 months ago

their is a secret behind

Ana 2 months ago



Ohh hell no.

mwana wachihera 2 months ago

ngatirege kushora mwari nemasikiro avakatiita hama wee...

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