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Man Disguises As Woman, Married For 16 Months

Man Disguises As Woman, Married For 16 Months

A man from Honde Valley reportedly disguised himself as a woman and was married for 16 good months while performing all the duties expected of a new bride.

The man, Morris Muchena, disguised himself as Emily Muswere from Murehwa and would even become intimate with ‘‘her husband’’, Andrew Chafa.

Morris was finally exposed in Honde Valley during a recent female soccer match between his team and another one from Chisuko Village — which happens to be his original village.

The nibble-footed Morris charmed football fans with his moves thereby putting him in the spotlight. His childhood peers identified him and exposed him.

Morris was summoned by village head Madzinga, Mr Webster Mhuru, for a hearing where he confessed that he was indeed a man who had disguised himself as a woman.

He also said he is part of a satanic cult and claimed that he changes into a woman during the night in order to satisfy his ‘‘husband’’ in bed.

One of the soccer players who were in the match that was Morris’ undoing said they challenged him to remove his wig but he adamantly refused. She said on condition of anonymity:

We challenged him to remove his wig, but he refused. He said if he removed it he would disappear for 24 hours. We were frightened and waited for his husband, Andrew, to come.

When Andrew arrived, he was shocked. He said he had not realised that he was sharing the same bed with a man. Andrew said it was the end of their marriage.

Another player said they were so happy to have Morris on their team as he played well. 

Members of the Chafa family and villagers interviewed said they had suspected that Morris — alias Emily — was a man due to his masculinity.

Village head Madzinga said Andrew got married to ‘Emily’ around November 2020.

Madzinga added Morris’ relatives travelled from Chisuko a few days after he was exposed saying they were looking for him. 

Morris was summoned to Madzinga’s homestead where he arrived dressed as a woman.

He initially denied knowing his two relatives but later later confessed that he is a man.

It is said Morris chronicled how he was initiated by a Harare friend into a satanic cult that enables him to turn into a woman whenever ‘her husband’ wants to be intimate with ‘her’.

He said following the initiation, he started having weird dreams; before meeting Andrew and falling in love with him.

It also emerged that Morris was a teacher at a private school in Harare before he stopped reporting for duty at the time of his ‘marriage’.

He acquired his primary and secondary education in Chisuko, Honde Valley; then deserted his family two years ago.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Nobert Muzondo confirmed the incident and said while investigations are still underway, it appears like Morris and Andrew were in a consensual same-sex marriage.

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mwenewazvo 1 week ago

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anonymous 1 week ago

I saw the video buh something pipo were claiming that he was a cattle rustler

$ 1 week ago

@Ak 47 tengai maeye glass hakusi kuSA kuMalawi,,,,read the lines not in-between the lines

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Night rituals...Guys, you need to open your eyes and 'see' where you 'put' your 'thing'. Why at night only? Why back position? Those in similar situations, this is a free lesson.

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Dispenser 1 week ago

I doubt very much , though it is satanic, I think ,it was gay marriage .

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Lion 1 week ago

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Chawabvunza 1 week ago

I do not believe in this story. I do not think that they did not know that they belonged to the same ****. This must have been consequential relationship between the two men. Police must investigate and come out with the truth.


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CJ 1 week ago

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John the Baptist 1 week ago

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The King of Serpents 1 week ago

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John the Baptist 1 week ago

You're a girl but you call yourself King of the serpents, is that right? As for hermaphrodites, l do know them.

THE FIEND 1 week ago

The king of serpents simply knows how to use data.The truth is that person is a hermaphrodite and the husband knew about it, it was their secret.

Google about things you don't know and understand and you will be shocked, its wild wild world.

The King of Serpents 1 week ago

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Jinx 1 week ago

My thoughts exactly. They knew if they expose themselves as gay, then, they'll go to prison. So, what do they do next? One sick bastard dresses up as a woman. Contingency plan: Satanism.

263 1 week ago

she turns into a woman during intimate

The King of Serpents 1 week ago

Maybe this man/woman Morris was a hermaphrodite, a person with both male and female reproductive organs. Maybe he/she felt like a woman but couldn't afford the surgery to correct his/her condition.

Advocate 1 week ago

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