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Man Dies After Consuming Soldier Whiskey

Man Dies After Consuming Soldier Whiskey

A 25-year-old Bindura man died on Monday after consuming too much illicit beer called soldier whiskey.

Collen Madzima (45) of Ran Mine compound in Bindura was found dead by a neighbour in his bedroom.

Mashonaland Central police spokesperson, Inspector Milton Mundembe confirmed the case. Mundembe told NewsDay Zimbabwe:

I can confirm a case of sudden death in Bindura where Madzima was found dead by his neighbour Marko Banda (54) who became worried after missing the now deceased at his yard.

Banda got into his neighbour’s room and found the lifeless body of Madzima who had spent the whole day without eating while drinking the illicit beer. Police is appealing for information which may lead to the arrest of the drug peddlers.

Last week, police arrested five suppliers of illicit beer at the Mukaradzi mining site in Mount Darwin.

Drug abuse has been on the rise in the country with local health facilities claiming they are overwhelmed by the rising number of mental health cases linked to drug and substance abuse.

Most patients have complications arising from crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as “mutoriro”, “dombo” or “guka.”

Most abused drugs include ganja cakes, a prohibited cough syrup called BronCleer (bronco), mbanje and illicit beers known as “musombodhiya” in street lingo.

President Mnangagwa recently expressed concern over drug abuse in the country, and he appointed a task force to hunt down drug peddlers.

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Vickela 8 months ago

Vanhu vangani vakafa?

Jojo 8 months ago

Chii chaita musoro uteme???

Kezi 8 months ago

Vanhu vatambura nezvima rtgs nezvimabond Vakutopedzera time vachidhakwa kuti pamwe they can kill stress .

Shampoo 8 months ago

Zvimwe nde Zvimwe hazvo life yemu Zimbabwe if you don't have enough money is hard. Imbovhinjanai zveku tonga nyika izvi. It seems ZANU yatadza.

### 8 months ago

Ummm bindura zvekare last time kwanga kune tumbwa

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