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Man Dies After Being Attacked By Own Dogs

Man Dies After Being Attacked By Own Dogs

A man from Selbourne Park, a low-density suburb in Bulawayo, has died after he was attacked by his own dogs. 

The dogs mistook John Gavhera (61) for an intruder and attacked him after jumping over his gate, having forgotten his keys at work. Reads a police memo:

The deceased jumped over the gate since he had forgotten the gate keys and since no one was at home and went inside the house to collect his toolbox. In no time the deceased was then heard rebuking his dog by a student who stays next door.

The neighbours then saw through the precast wall the deceased lying on the ground whilst three Boer bull dogs were biting him all over the body, dragging him and tearing his clothes.

Observations at the scene were that there were three big, vicious Boer bull cross breeds which were inside the yard which is durawalled (precast wall) and has a black gate. A torn work suit and phone was found near the gate, a blue monarch bag with tools was also found at the gate.

The neighbours could only watch the incident unfold from a distance as they feared the dogs would attack him.

The dogs were stopped when police were called in about 40 minutes later.

Gavhera was taken to a medical facility, where he eventually succumbed to the injuries that evening.

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bee 1 week ago

ummmmm fambai nguva ichipo hadzisi imbwa dzridzega idzii....

Steve 1 week ago

Mbwa dzakadaro ngadziurawe unochengeta mbwa inouraya tenzi wayo

tatenda 1 week ago

ummmmm ma1

Tateguru 1 week ago

In training his dogs he forgot to teach them discrimination.

The Zebra 1 week ago

Liko Zinja zyamluma yeyi ! Maybe kade sekuyi zilwane , ngama liyi lawa .

chipo 1 week ago

the dogs should be put to sleep theyll a constant reminder of the owner


Stanley Makonese 1 week ago

They are not his dogs.The dogs belong to his tenant renting his cottage inside the same durawall.

penga udzoke 1 week ago

these are lions not dogs

BUOY 1 week ago

May his soul rest in peace
The dogs were taught that no one should gain entrance into the premises through jumping the gate , they did not fail to identify their owner buh they had no time for identifications since akaita kujamba gate .....dzakangofunga kuti he is an intrude.

nyoka 1 week ago

hie musachengeta mbwa pamba pliz

ABSA 1 week ago

he trained his dogs to be monsters

J M 1 week ago

something wrong chivanhu fambai pamusoro peimbwa idzi

Frazer chachoka 1 week ago

Taura hako ungati imbwa dzingatadze kuziva muridzi wadzo hre kut uyu tomuona daily pano

THE PATRIOT 1 week ago

Bettrr kuchengeta edu ma road runner ekuti ukaivhindutsira nedombo inotiza

Bb 1 week ago

Usachengeta yausinganzwisisii epecially mbwa pit bull

spca 1 week ago

that kind of breed it needs macaroni and cheese and pizza 3 times a day and large bowl of chocolate milk if fes African dog food eg sadza and soup zvakakanyaniswa expect danger spread the message.SPCA

tk 1 week ago

cross breed iyo ma1 plus angaakaromba mface uyu adyiwa nezvinhu zvake

@one 1 week ago

These type of dogs will it a baby if they get hungry, they can't be trusted.

. 1 week ago

Zvinosiririsa Uuum

Tambaoga 1 week ago

Imbwa dzakadai ngadzibhanwe muno.

1 week ago

Ginious 1 week ago

Thats why i prefer dzedu dzakachipa dzemuno,dzatorova nezvibhakera nebhutsu.

police dog section 1 week ago

ppl need to be educated about dog breeds,behaviour & life span

That dog breed is a Rotwella its very sensitive haidi kuvhiringwa if u take its puppy ,fail to feed it on appropriate time ,poor housing conditions definitely it will react and the end result is so sorrow

sparta 1 week ago

oooops but me i love digs a lot

Asalif 1 week ago

these dogs were already hungry that is why they were angry with the owner

Ospina 1 week ago

Shame,but dogs can smell their owners from a distance .

Chihera mukonde 1 week ago

Type yembwa idxi yakadhakwa idzi dzovhiringika zvekuti

Muzukuru Wegona 1 week ago

You 100% correct something is not right wth those dogs

mwenewazvo 1 week ago

so sad,ini handitode kuona **** chero kakutu chaiko.ndakapotsa kurumwa ka3 nedzekufamba muroad idzi.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 week ago

So sad MHSRIP...

Seh Calaz @mabhanditi 1 week ago

Dzinotongo uraiwa that's the law dzingapedze vanhu

Chati homu! ...chareva 1 week ago

This should be a lesson to all dog keepers as most of them take dogs for friends. hey! people those are animals , no matter how good they become, don't expect much from dogs. Some leave their dogs harrassing neighbours & roaming outside their gates. Please keep your problem inside,or don't keep dogs at all it's better to find other security measures, those are a nuisance

Ano 1 week ago

Some breeds haatyisi, zvakangofanana nenyoka

Imwe Mbeu 1 week ago

Shame, kurera **** nemukaka 😓

BOSS VEDAH 1 week ago

its very saddening such dogs are very dangerous to kip. i once witnessed a vicious fight btwn 2 dogs of that type. they r very jealous to each other the other one had sensed that the owner was now loving the the other one which had just been introduced at home. the fight lasted for over 5mins only to be stopped after pouring hot water btwn them.

Vybz Kartel 1 week ago

Kuuraya tenzi manje dzichapihwa food naani. Sad story to lose life

youth 1 week ago

kurera imbwa nemukaka

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