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Man Axes 2-year-old Niece Accusing Relatives Of Bewitching Him

Man Axes 2-year-old Niece Accusing Relatives Of Bewitching Him

A 21-year-old man from Kadoma is on the run after axing his brother’s 2-year-old daughter to death following a dispute in which he accused his relatives of bewitching him. 

In a report seen by Pindula News, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) said Tryforcer Moy was drunk when he axed his niece. Reads the report:

Police in Chakari are appealing for information which may lead to the arrest of Tryforcer Moyo (21) who is wanted in connection with a case of murder where a minor (2) died whilst admitted at Kadoma General Hospital after she was struck once on the head with an axe on 16/09/22 at Delcia B1. The suspect who was drunk and violent accused some family members of bewitching him before attacking the victim who was his brother’s daughter.

Reported cases of domestic violence have been resulting in loss of life have been on the rise.

Authorities urge members of the public to resolve their disputes amicably.

Meanwhile, witchcraft is a common phenomenon in the African context with many blaming misfortunes on “witches” who they say would have cast spells on them.

Some approach traditional healers (n’anga/nyanga/Maine) or prophets to protect themselves from the “spells.”

Meanwhile, some believe that those blaming witchcraft will be delusional and can be healed if they get professional assistance from psychologists. 

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fikitosi 4 months ago

i don't know who's blood is on the axe

Nimrod 4 months ago

A file picture. generic. lt represents violent murder where an axe was used

The King of Serpents 4 months ago

Maybe he was told that after consulting a prophet. That's why I don't go to these so called "prophets", the always tell you negative things. Hapana paunomboudzwa zvakanaka kana kumbonziwo "ndaona waita muchato, ndaona waita mari"

Advocate Chareka 4 months ago

Yaa that's also my opinion why vasingaone zvakanaka dai vachitoti ndaona watenga mota kwete kungoti ukuroyiwa nanhingi imbwaa vnhu vaye

Tkt says 4 months ago

Kkkkk "TRYFORCER" vabereki zivai mazita ekupa vana hezvi vakuda kumani kidzira zvisi zvavo
@SerpentKing..... You were not born for wealth bro & neither were you born for peace & freedom
Life was made complex from the day you're conceived. That's the problem with you pentecostal guys you shun the Gospel of the Kingdom of God for the love of riches, nxaaa

The King of Serpents 4 months ago

I never said I want riches, I'm just tired of the negativity and I'm not a Pentecostal. Ndinozvinamatira.

Nimrod 4 months ago

very sad. unnecessary loss of such a bubbling young life. Tragic. mabasa emudombodia.


Surprised Onlooker 4 months ago

All roads lead to Chikurubi or Hwahwa for Try dog ,monkey etc kujaidza vanhu following emotions leads you into trouble these tinemaemotions but totoita kuatsimbirira kuti tigone kurarama zvakanaka nevamwe to hell nehasha dzako idzodzo nxaa.

kk 4 months ago

but seriously kutema mwana ane 2yrs ndiye akakuroya here Zimbabwe we have lot of pple who are mentally challenged vanotoda anachiremba

TTT 4 months ago

for you layman, Chikurubi hakurwadzi. Hakuna basa rinoitwa, vanhu vanoswera vagere.

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