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Man Axed To Death In Chegutu CBD

Man Axed To Death In Chegutu CBD

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is investigating a murder case in which a 33-year-old man was axed to death in Chegutu Central Business District (CBD) on Thursday.

A police statement seen by Pindula News suggests that Fexon Nderema was found lying in a pool of blood while the alleged killer, Kudakwashe Munemo Chikomo has since been arrested in connection with the case. Reads the statement:

On 22/08/22, Police in Chegutu arrested Kudakwashe Munemo Chikomo (36) in connection with a murder case in which the body of Fexon Nderema (33) was found lying in a pool of blood at a complex in Chegutu CBD on 22/09/22 with deep cuts on the head.

Police recovered a blood-stained axe beside the body, and the victim’s cellphone was recovered from the suspect.

It is not yet clear why Nderema was killed.

Zimbabwe has recorded a rise in cases of passion in recent years with some attributing the trend to depression.

Police often urge members of the public to solve disputes amicably or engage a third party to mediate in the event that they are failing to find a solution on their own rather than taking the law into their own hands.

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Doug 1 week ago

Very efficient! After arresting him before committing what you arrested him for, did he escape a month later to commit the crime?

Fortune 🔮 teller 1 week ago

My crystal ball told them

Ark 1 week ago

Apa the news is straight from their own desk. Not taken from someone else

kk 1 week ago

kkkkk did pindula read their story b4 sending it to the platform

I 1 week ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂. Someone is drinking on the job

Hopeless 1 week ago

People are feeling the effects of the zanupf curse upon the people causing serious depression. Suicides are on the increase as the only way out.

Nkust 1 week ago

Inga unohi wakavurawa ne benzi wani, ndakambotenga ku police ye kuchegutu ikoko kuno report nyaya ye rimwe benzi rinononga masimbi rinovhiriridza vana nemabwe asi police yacho haina ku co-operate manje rimwe benzi apa rohi ravuraraya munhu

Tickey 1 week ago

Either chobve Shabani netara, (chizukuru chaED Shweeee) kana kuti chobve Mvuma (wezhira imwe)

Masvingo 1 week ago

Shona yako inonakidza inobvepi iwe


Anonymous 1 week ago

kkkkkk he was arrested on 22/08/22 for the crime commited on 22/09/22. And then someone will tell you that time travelling is fiction

king vybz 1 week ago

kkkkkk wat tha f****ck is wrong with Pindula , atleast they have to check their news b4 sending weird infor on media ,its ****

Chinese zodiac 1 week ago

##Kkkkk hahahadaa papindulaa stress free app ,zvikureva kuti muface uyu akasungwa asati apara mhosva haaa pindula kaaa chimbosiyai meth... pliz......

pk 1 week ago

suspect was arrested on the 8 the and the deceased body was found on the 9th. there is nothing wrong.

Steven Chidhumo 1 week ago

Ma dates haana ku siyana ne day as you say. Read to understand. Suspect was arrested in August and crime was committed in September. I hope it makes sense to you, ndozvirikutaurwa nevanhu pano. Next time don't just comment

Tkt 1 week ago

Pindula yenyu iyi ndeyeguka, vamwe matove ma addicts, comment after comment each story

josh 1 week ago

typing error,,,,

bhuru 1 week ago

new curricullum chibaba....toverenga tichiti DECEMBER,NOVEMBER,OCTOBER,SEPTEMBER,AUGUST,JULY.........waibata

Chasura 1 week ago

Iyo i common typing error ini ndatozviona ndikaziva zvanga zvichida kunyorwa .. what's all the fuss

cas 1 week ago

how can somebody found laying in pool of blood after one months pliz check yo dates B4 u publish

king vybz 1 week ago

b4 i go to wek everyday i start by smoking rocks (kurova dombo) then ndonotsvaka nyaya dzirikuitika local ,,,my name is Pindula

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