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Man Assaults 3-year-old Niece To Death For Messing Herself

Man Assaults 3-year-old Niece To Death For Messing Herself

A Ruwa man is on the run after assaulting his three-year-old niece to death for messing herself up after falling ill.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has appealed to members of the public who may have information on the suspect, Ronald Moda, to contact any nearest police station. Reads a police report:

ZRP Ruwa is investigating a case of murder in which a 3-year-old minor died on 03/09/22 at Mabvazuva, Harare. after she was assaulted with a belt by her uncle, Ronald Moda on 02/09/22. The victim had allegedly messed herself after falling ill and this did not go well with the suspect. The suspect is on the run. Anyone with information to contact any nearest Police Station.

Meanwhile, ZRP Mbembesi arrested Andrew Jackson (50) on the 4th of September for killing his daughter, Mary Jackson, aged five years, at Sojini Village, Mbembesi.

The suspect confessed that he took Mary from her mother and killed her before trying to conceal the heinous act by dumping the body along Harare- Bulawayo Road.

In a related case, Gutu police arrested Aluis Mafukidze (26) on 3 September in connection with a case of murder which occurred on 02 September at Mazonde Village, Masvingo.

The suspect fatally struck the victim, Tsikirai Mafukidze (47) six times on the head with an axe after a misunderstanding.

The victim had criticised the suspect for cutting down trees near the homestead.

In another case, ZRP Kamativi recorded a suspected murder case on the 3rd of September after the body of Mecksen Mudenda (52) was found with three stab wounds on the face and head near Chinengo Business Centre, Binga.

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Steven Chidhumo 4 weeks ago

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t man 4 weeks ago

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Tintin 4 weeks ago

these are scary times... pple venting their anger on the wrong pple.zim pple are now ticking time bombs because of the state of the nation.

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Cmo 4 weeks ago

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