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Man Arrested For Driving Vehicle Close To Kembo Mohadi VVIP Tent

Man Arrested For Driving Vehicle Close To Kembo Mohadi VVIP Tent

A Chinhoyi man is under investigation by state security agents after he drove his car close to former Vice President Kembo Mohadi’s VVIP tent during a national event in the town.

The incident occurred at Pfungwadzakanaka Shopping Centre in Chikonohono Suburb recently.

Mohadi, who is ZANU PF vice president and second secretary, was in Chinhoyi for a national clean-up exercise.

According to, Gerald Mandaza (27), of no fixed abode, was arrested for disorderly conduct.

He is reportedly being investigated by the police, Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), military intelligence and other state security agents who are treating his antics with suspicion.

A leaked Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) memorandum seen by reads:

Gerald Mandaza NR 71-151920-S-71 aged 27 of no fixed abode, who was driving a Toyota Corrolla, olive green in colour, registration number AAV 4142, disturbed the gathering by passing through in between the crowd and VVIP tent while the national anthem was being sung.

Same was arrested for disorderly conduct and was escorted to Chinhoyi Central, where he is currently detained under DB 1030/22.

There were no fatalities or injuries in the incident.

The vehicle is currently being held at Chinhoyi Central Police Station.

Mohadi was among top government and ruling party officials injured following a bomb explosion that killed three people at White City Stadium in Bulawayo in 2018.


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KEMBO MU HARD 1 week ago

JC 1 week ago

That guy is weird. How do someone drive thru vvip tent and the crowd? Intending to park where? Fishy

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 week ago

True, his action deserve questions and answers.
such people are a danger to anyone and should be put at their rightful places...

Mazibeka 1 week ago

Uhm one wonders kuti munogara nyika ipi ko. Kubva tichikura it was a known fact kuti kana koimbwa national anthem you just stand still where ever you are, if you are within the vicinity parikuimbwa. Saka uyu anga akudriver his car to the tents dze vanhu vachiimba nziyo yavo yenyika aiti zvichadii. I don't feel sorry for this guy. Kwedu toti inomedza mapfura inotemba mkosho muhombe.osome people have this thing in them of starting trouble for themselves vakatemba kuridza mhere. Zvakafanana nevamwe venyu muno munotukirira président nemazanu ake, ko vakakusungai for insulting them mozoti vakaipa, do you even know who runs this pindula platform. Uhm hah vanhu sometimes you behave more than ****s. We know you are bitter, frustrated and ngry but don't add more problems to your sorrows. Critising a failn g gvt is allowed but insulting people is something else. Note this Iam not a zanu pf member but an honest living Zimbabwean. Pliz don't create pro lems for your self thinking that eu will interfere in your case or be donor funded by UK as a victim of zanu pf. The intended help might come. Wamujeri or watofa. Usafire nyika iyi Inenge iriloss, better maybe kuenda ku Ukraine atleast ukafira ikoko mhuri yako ichadya mari forever.

cr 1 week ago

anosizer mdana uyo mudzidzisei haazivi kuremekedza boss VVIP ngaamame


dispenser 1 week ago

ndizvo zvinoratidza kuti haasi maleader yevanhu

mama Bee 1 week ago

zvinosungisa hre izvozvo anizviziva hre kut kurikuimbwa national anthem ende fut ka kusvika next year tese tinenge tasungwa aiwa bodo

mwenewazvo 1 week ago

hapana kwatiri kuenda senyika,nyaya chaidzo dzinoda serious investigation hamuite.

Ed 1 week ago

Fucj zanupf

VYBZ KARTEL 1 week ago

Tododa ropa rake. 🧛‍♂️

The King of Serpents 1 week ago

I feel great pity for this young man because with CIO torture is going to be involved.

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 week ago

Remember we have enemies everywhere. No one wants us from all corners of our country. We are ruling with an iron first since our days are numbered. Whatever means that helps us remain at helm we will do.

Boreholes 1 week ago

@#jacksparrow this time handichada nharo newe. I've discovered kuti u just put in comments to provoke the opposition. But your vote is your secret CCC.

VYBZ KARTEL 1 week ago

Chara chimwe hachitswanyi inda🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Blue 💙 1 week ago

Tinenge tichifunga ndeweCCC or G4O

🙉🙉 1 week ago

zvingasungirwa munhu here vakomana. makuzvinyanya varume.

The Terraces 1 week ago

Ko hindava State agents dzichi Investigate nyaya iyi. Handiti mukuru uyu aka Resign here kuGovt. Mapurisa eZANU ndiwo anofanira ku Investigate nyaya yomunhu wavo iyi.

Dhuterere 1 week ago

fake resignation he is still escorted by a motorcade

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