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"Mambokadzi Ndiwe" Brings Together Women From Southern Africa

Manyame Leisure Park Centre owner, Nancy Mutsvairo launched the inaugural Woman of Dignity “Mambokadzi Ndiwe” at the weekend.

Mambokadzi Ndiwe brings together women from southern Africa to share ideas and skills on ideal African homes and families under different regional cultures and traditions.

The event was launched in Chitungwiza at a colourful ceremony, with former ZBC radio DJ Elizabeth Chengeta, the mistress of ceremonies. Said Chengeta:

Mambokadzi Ndiwe has given women from all walks of life a platform to meet, and share ideas on how women can enhance or help in the development of the family, country and continent, the importance of nutrition to our health, the dynamics of the cultures by showcasing different African designs, traditional foods which have the First Lady Dr Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa’s thrust of prioritising the eating of traditional foods so that we have healthy families and nation.

Participants came from Malawi, South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Christine Matizha, who is the founder of Miss Rural Heritage Zimbabwe and president of Multi-talented Youth Association was the guest of honour.

In her speech, Matizha implored women to support one another instead of pulling each other down.

Women who attended the event shared ideas on how to cook African food. For example, a lady from Musana shared how to cook pumpkin leaves.

A woman from South Africa shared different methods on how to cook mopane worms with peanut butter.

She also shared a recipe for cooking mice and crickets, saying these taste “excellent and much better than beef”.

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Chawabvunza 3 weeks ago

Ngavatibvirepo !!!!! Ngavabude pachena semutyairi we tractor. Ngavangoti vaidzisana kuti varume vanopfuhwirwa sei munyika dzinoti: Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa and Mozambique.




Asalif 3 weeks ago

You are the only one who has said the truth love portion conference and chikapa technics

BUOY 3 weeks ago

wakamboriisa Rajah hre hmmmm ma1 wena rinonaka🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣soft meat

jerenyenje 3 weeks ago

dai vakandidaidzawoo

jerenyenje 3 weeks ago

dai cakadaidzawoo ndaida kudzidzisaa kubika Zura kana kuti datya rinonajaa manje chi soft

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