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Malema-led EFF Condemns Israel For Attacking Funeral Procession Of Al Jazeera Journalist

Malema-led EFF Condemns Israel For Attacking Funeral Procession Of Al Jazeera Journalist

South Africa’s opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) led by Julius Malema, has condemned Israel’s attack on the funeral procession of Al Jazeera journalist, Shireen Abu Aqla. 

Israeli police hit mourners at the funeral whose killing in the occupied West Bank has caused a surge of anger.

Her coffin almost fell as police, some using batons, waded into a crowd of Palestinians gathered around it.  Police said they acted after being pelted with stones.

Abu Aqla was shot dead in disputed circumstances on Wednesday, with Israel and Palestinians trading blame. The killing has been widely condemned. 

In a statement, seen by Pindula News, EFF described the Israeli police’s actions as inhumane. Reads the party’s statement issued this Friday:


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) condemns the sadistic, cruel. and genocidal Israeli Apartheid State, for attacking the funeral procession of Al Jazeera journalist Shereen Abu Aqla, who they assassinated for her uncompromising coverage of the oppression of Palestinian people.

In a complete disregard of the memory of Abu Acila. and a display of the evil nature of the Israeli forces, Palestinians who were carrying the coffin of Shereen Aqla were beaten with batons. to the point of almost dropping her lifeless body to the floor.

The Israeli State is a sick, fascist and inhumane regime, whose actions are beginning to eclipse even those of the Apartheid state. The patience that the world has with the brutality of Israel has led these Zionist maniacs to believe they are untouchable. to the point where they no longer care about the public image of a peaceful state they have been trying to push for decades of their illegal occupation of Palestinian land.

The EFF calls for South Africa to expel the Israeli ambassador and permanently close the Israeli embassy for this heinous act. It is clear we are dealing with an evil regime which is beyond negotiation or amicable solutions.

The Israeli State must be isolated, deprived of economic relations with the rest of the world, and subjected to the sanctions that are so easily imposed on socialist countries The continued silence of the United Nations. African Union and the so-called liberal press in the face of the murder of journalists and the beating up of people in mosques and funerals is shameful.

Israel is an evil state, which must be destroyed as a matter of urgency! History will judge us all, should we allow the cruelty of Israel to continue without intervention and condemnation.

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CCC 1 day ago

malema malema that's the reason why you will never Rule SA

Ras 1 week ago

The current state of Isreal is not protected by God because it was created by man. It is cruel, war mongering and does not deserve a place in the civilized and progressive world.
Death to Israel and all like minded states. FREE THE ENSLAVED PALISTINIANS.

Asalif 1 week ago

Malema I think it's high time some issues pass through you without any comment does this affect South African in any way

Messenger 1 week ago

Israel is protected by God.

Ediot 1 week ago

Police acted like Zimbabwean police...

Sir Gudo 1 week ago

Dzimwe hondo ndedza Jehovha mukadzitora pa nyama monetseka
Nazvo izvi


citizen 1 week ago

Israel is untouchable,the state is protected by the big guy United States of America,chero mukataura hapana zvamogadzirisa apo

Mukanya pa zvese 1 week ago

But the journo was American _Palestinian

.. 1 week ago

D. A. K. O unosapota Hondo sei

Dispenser 1 week ago

it's very bad,

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