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Malema Asks For Forgiveness On Zimbabwe's 42nd Independence Anniversary | Full Statement

Malema Asks For Forgiveness On Zimbabwe's 42nd Independence Anniversary | Full Statement

South Africa’s third-largest party, the EFF led by Julius Malema has congratulated Zimbabwe on its 42nd Independence anniversary this Monday, 18 April 2022.

In a statement, EFF also asked Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa to forgive South Africa and its people for violent attacks on foreigners in SA. The statement read:

The EFF joins the people of Africa and the world in celebrating the 42nd anniversary of the independence of Zimbabwe, from the yoke of British colonialism.

Cecil Rhodes’s 1889 expedition of Africa is characterized by genocide against African people, land grabs and subjugation of Africans to wars of land dispossession and resistance.

The white colonialists were so shameless and disrespectful that they renamed African land after themselves.

The atrocities of Cecil Rhodes are imprintable, but still, the government of South Africa finds no offence in keeping this brutal colonialist’ name in a South African institute of higher learning, the so-called Rhodes University.

Statues of brutal white settlers and amongst them Cecil Rhodes are still in public spaces of South Africa, at the behest of the ruling party and its enablers, white monopoly capital.

This independence anniversary comes at a time of heightened Afrophobia that resulted in a violent and merciless killing of a gardener, Elvis Nyathi, who was accused of stealing jobs, gardening deemed a job stolen.

On this day, we call upon the people of our sister country, Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa to forgive South Africa and its people for the misdemeanours and criminality of a few, misled by the lack of uBuntu, to hate Africans in Africa.

The EFF recalls with deep sense of shock the death of Ernesto Alfabeto Nhamuave who was beaten, stabbed and set alight in an informal settlement in 2015 for selling sweets in a street that deemed such as stealing of jobs and opportunities for South Africans. To date, no one has been arrested for this gruesome act of inhumanity.

Criminality knows no nationality, in fact, the real criminality is at the doorsteps of white settlers who invaded and grabbed land and mineral resources for themselves at the exclusion of Africans.

Afrophobic violence in the democratic South African timeline spans from 1994 and reached its peak in 2008 when 62 Africans from other parts of Africa including South Africans were massacred by South Africans.

The level of self-hate and inhumanity of senseless killing of other Africans by Africans must be condemned in its entirety and unequivocally, with the contempt it deserves.

To the people of our sister country Zimbabwe, on this day, we wish you well on the anniversary of the glorious triumph of the People’s War, Hondo, against white minority settlers.

Pamberi ne hondo, Pamberi ne chimurenga!

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charu 1 month ago

pamberi nechimurenga.

chokwadi 1 month ago

thank you sir Julius Malema, the young must learn true patriotism from this fearless man.

bhu bhu 1 month ago

Another lier!

sugar boy 1 month ago

we respect you man .it shows that you know what you are doing.

??? 1 month ago

the pic there shows him wearing a mugabe shirt...

Mr Carter 1 month ago

think you.he guy is good.patriotic .he z the man with balls.l

Simon 1 month ago

There's nothing to celebrate comrade .


More 1 month ago

iron sharpens iron. An African strengthens an African

politics 1 month ago

We hated Mugabe, but i later discovered the guys wasn't that bad. we just got a taste of western propaganda

zimboy 1 month ago

at least he has some humility

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