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Malayitsha Caught With R200 000 Copper Cables... ZESA Wants 30-year Jail Terms For Thieves

Malayitsha Caught With R200 000 Copper Cables... ZESA Wants 30-year Jail Terms For Thieves

Police recovered 1 000 kilogrammes of stolen copper cables from the suspect’s vehicle after a high-speed chase in Magwegwe, Bulawayo on Tuesday.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson in Bulawayo Province, Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele said the suspect, Linos Sithole, is on the run. She said:

Bulawayo Criminal Investigations Department received a tip-off from members of the public that there is one Linos Sithole well known as Boss Boss who is involved in cutting, buying, smuggling and transporting copper cables to South Africa.

The CID managed to do a follow-up and located the said vehicle and a high-speed chase was done that led to the accused dumping the vehicle.

1000kg estimated copper cables with a strict value of R200 000 were found stashed in the engine, glove compartments, spare wheel and under the chassis.

… We would love, as the police to appreciate members of the public for bringing in such valuable information.

We also urge the public to report anyone seen carrying or cutting copper cables.

These are public utilities and Bulawayo as a whole is affected by the theft of these copper cables.

Zimbabwe Electricity Distribution Company, Acting General Manager Lloyd Jaji told State media that there should be a mandatory 30-year jail term for copper cable thieves. Said Jaji:

We have lobbied for an increase in the sentence so that it is increased to 30 years so that it becomes a deterrent.

That is taking a bit of time to be effected, if the sentence had been increased to 30 years, I am sure the cases would be slowly decreasing.

Right now replacements of such equipment take a bit longer because we wouldn’t have the replacement conductor.

At times we end up asking clients to contribute to the purchase of the conductor and then credit their accounts.

In a majority of cases, we would be without the conductor.

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Grand 1 month ago

even 40year jail zviri bo

star 1 month ago

ini hangu magetsi ndomasa zvekuti handitombodi kumashaya ndipo rimwe zimunhu porouya kunoba macable haaaa zvinosvota mhani

Tateguru 1 month ago

Good joint effort

chixy 1 month ago

dai maita dhiri matengesa mosheyana marii.

Murccurrer 1 month ago

let's hope haana kubatwa akanzi tipe Mari utize tongoti watiza

John 1 month ago

So they are going to listen to some guy who works at zesa on legal matters. Vele who asked him. He wasn't elected by anyone to make laws, so he should keep quiet. It makes no sense. You can literally kill someone and get time served but you steal state property they wanna give you 30. What type of 💩 is this.

Mos 1 month ago

These ZESA guys work hand in hand with these thieves. If you check the trends you'll see that ZESA Is largely involved in these shenanigans doings


linos 1 month ago

now in south afrika

dispenser 1 month ago

managed to chase a thief using a car e thief felt danger . disembark and run away on foot and disappeared ! very ambiguous???👣🏃😀🤐🤢🤷

_________ 1 month ago

lock them up and toss away the keys.Takabiirwa tambo dzemafoni kuno iyezvino takukuvara nedata reEconet rodhura.kutadza kuenda kunorima, kuita basa rokuba tambo dzemagetsi, ngavagare mujeri kusvika zvanaka.

Linos 1 month ago

Kcuf u zesa guy....30 years my s

tinase 1 month ago

mbavha ngadzibaye

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