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Makoni Apiculture Projects Get US$25 000 Boost

Makoni Apiculture Projects Get US$25 000 Boost

A local organisation has trained at least 66 farmers in Ward Seven of Makoni District, Manicaland Province, in apiculture to boost the production of honey for domestic and international markets.

The apiculture project is being spearheaded by Africa Ahead.

Apiculture is the practice of keeping bees as well as the manufacturing of honey and beeswax.

In an interview with The Manica Post, Africa Ahead country director Regis Matimati said US$25 000 will be put into the programme which is being run for a year. Said Matimati:

We are running the project in Ward Seven of Makoni District for a year working in conjunction with Agritex.

Farmers have started receiving the tools and equipment required such as the beehives and timber.

They were also trained on safe bee-keeping practices and the effective management of hives.

Bees are not only important in that they provide food (honey) directly, but they are also responsible for the pollination of flowers.

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Tang. Ku 4 months ago

Ndinofarira chief Makoni handisati ndambonzwa nezvavo panyaya dzekusapota mnangagwa and his zanupf puppets he is very nutral since Mugabe erra so vaMakoni as well as my chief I love the way you handle politics don't ever dine with these blood thirsty vampires mnangagwa and his team keep them afar and proceed with your visions

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