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"Makandiwa Invited Mnangagwa To Witness New UFIC Church Building"

National Patriotic Front (NPF) spokesperson, Jealousy Mawarire, has defended United Family International Church (UFIC) founder and leader Emmanuel Makandiwa after he came under intense criticism for inviting President Emmerson Mnangagwa to his church service on Saturday.

Mawarire claimed that Mnangagwa had been invited to witness the UFIC new church building not as ZANU PF leader but as the country’s President.

Mnangagwa, First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa and Vice President Constantino Chiwenga attended the service which was held at Makandiwa’s Church in Chitungwiza.

Norton MP, Temba Mliswa (Independent) is among prominent people who criticised Makandiwa for inviting Mnangagwa to the service. Said Mliswa:

Makandiwa should just join ZANU PF and stop this elevated posturing, feinting more enlightenment than everyone else.

He is a Pastor for God’s sake and should operate in a smarter way. I’m Independent but openly state the only party I know is ZANU PF. He should do the same!

He can join the party structures and advance the party propaganda openly not hiding behind the pulpit and abusing congregants by foisting on them his personal political positions purveyed with spiritual exousia.

Being a true man of God isn’t about abstaining from politics or supporting the opposition. It’s about defending and supporting what is right. Standing for principles, the weak, the poor. Morals. Justice. Truth.

As an individual, he has every right to join the party and show explicitly his side. It’s unfair on his congregation, listening to him as a man of God and yet him using that position to advance his selfish, personal and partisan agenda.

Responding to Mliswa, Mawarire said that the fact that Mnangagwa came with Misheck Sibanda, the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, proves that the event was a government programme and not a ZANU PF event. Said Mawarire:

Hon Mliswa, you are the one in Parliament, you should understand better the distinction between a government function and a political party one.

[President Mnangagwa] was invited as a government leader, to come and witness the UFIC new church building, that’s why he came with Dr Misheck Sibanda, the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet.

The presence of Dr Sibanda, on its own, emphasized that the event was a govt programme, not a ZANU PF function.

I have seen those who have new businesses or have built new buildings calling in government officials for tours in their capacity as govt leaders, not political party functionaries.

Why is it that when UFIC does the same, you choose to see ED as a ZANU PF leader, not a government leader?

Even if it was a political party, isn’t the Prophet smart supporting what you support?

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Munhuwo 4 weeks ago

Ukango ziva kuti panyika hapana mutswene wapedza

jelous 4 weeks ago

Va Makandiwa kuti Zanu ngairege hayo ku campainer mabasa ayo achataura .He said it all
ko ivo vaivotera ccc vaivotera chiiko?

Pastor 4 weeks ago

Makandiwa haasi wrong apa he has all the right to do so nekuti atoriwo munhu anobvumirwa kuzvisarudzira dai akadaidza chamisa maifara nhaika ndoo party yaada saka ngatisatore ma personal grudges edu kuchurch

politics 4 weeks ago

Yes if it was chamisa dei vanhu vachifara. But because he sided with the oppressor that does not go well with masses...simple math kkk

Boss Kumbie 4 weeks ago

Makandiwa claims to be a man of God, so ndozvinoita man of God here izvozvo zvekudedza nyika muchurch kut iuye pa pulpit and start to praise leaders of this world who are corrupt. Maybe dai asina kudeedza ED pamberi pe congregation cz that influenced congregation to a greater extent.

Maparamuro 4 weeks ago

Makandiwa is a citizen of Zimbabwe with all the freedoms of association and speech. Absolutely nothing wrong in him inviting Idhi and praising him for what he believes he has done for Zimbabwe. That freedom should be observed and respected by all democrats

Live 4 weeks ago

Some people failed to understand simple things why Makandiwa is criticized

Makandiwa is a church leader , in his church they're people rallies different political parties in Zimbabwe but in what they believe,church is the house of God so no any political side must detected in church.

Poor Mr prosperity preacher Manu shares his political opinions in front of his congregants which he simplifys division in church. He has the right to support any political party of his choice just like everyone else but not to share or backing any other p/party pavanhu.
Manu should address his church service as all the days despite ED and Chiwenga's visits weather he calls them or not .Inthe house of God no big mortal man must be praised like what he did to the top Zanu pf boys expect the name of Lord Jesus Christ !! But on this one Makandiwa forgot the name of God and took time to praise E Dambudzo Mnangagwa and his team which he supposed to do at his house and his family!In church nometer how big people is even presidents they'rere just nothing equal to pedestrians cz Jesus is the one and only man to be praised ,shame on Manu praising ED and Chiwenga .

But on the other side as we approach election year , I suspect there is a sence of blackmailing pushing Makandiwa to this messy . Cz Makandiwa doesn't know how to stand for what he says no man of God of such character !

I'M GOING TO DISOBEY GOVERNMENT THIS TIME ON COVID VACCINES , I remember Manu says something like this earlier days of covid vaccines campaign ,Is he still able to stand for this Manu ? Is the fraud seeding case closed for Manu?

Mawarire if you benefit just enjoy the benefits don't pushed to support what is wrong because of useless benefits


masystems 4 weeks ago

your hope is different from the syste in place so it's very unfortunate that your systems will never be implemented and see the day
sorry maningi nema systems enyu ekuuya pano kuzotuka muri vekumapeto peripheral zvamuchose

Wave 4 weeks ago

Ana Mawarire avo they are better off quiet!

Chawabvunza 4 weeks ago

JEALOUSY MAWARIRE should shut up his mouth. Since when was he appointed ZANU PF spokesperson ? ZANU PF spokesperson is blabbermouth CHRISTOPHER MUTSVAGWA. If he wants to join ZANU PF , he must come out and be paraded to the ZANU PF supporters. Otherwise JEALOUS MAWARIRE should shut up his blabbermouth.


SKY LAWYER 4 weeks ago

Mawarire is a UFIC congregate so what else can he say

Joe Brownn 4 weeks ago

Mawarire is equally defending nonsense. is he aware that Makandiwa said it's not GVT business to create jobs yet it is the same GVT that promised one million jobs on it's inception. Shut up Jealous.

Neutral 4 weeks ago

Bhora re Zanu of ne CCC ratanga here

Neutral 4 weeks ago

The losing team l will nickname t CCC

Mangethe 4 weeks ago

saka Dembare ndeip Bosso ndeip😂😂


Sorry hama mushonga wedu vafumuka chiregai apinde hake mukomana

masystems 4 weeks ago

biti openly bragged for being behind the failure by gvt to get some credit lines and openly said tichakunyimisai futi saka vana venyoka rigwai nekuti masystems acho mese munomaziva
ndikoko masystems acho mese munomaziva

masystems 4 weeks ago

the late dehwa mavhinga defended the sanctions and fought their rescission even when the USA wanted to wash their hands on Zimbabwe by repealing ZIDERA because dehwa mavhinga belonged to a certain system
akafa hake I dare say akafa hapana kunaka iye dehwa nyangwe zvichinzi afa anaka
masystems acho mese munomaziva

masystems 4 weeks ago

it's all about systems we belong to and the perspectives we have that are shaped by the systems we regard as our own
masystems acho all the way munomuziva mese

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