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Mahere Slams Jonathan Moyo

Mahere Slams Jonathan Moyo

CCC nationals spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere has hit back and exiled former ZANU PF politburo member Professor Jonathan who had claimed the newly-formed opposition party has neither an ideology nor an identity.

Mahere said Moyo is not in a position to lecture CCC on its internal issues considering that he fled the country in 2017 and has been in hiding since. Said Mahere:

As a person who fled Zimbabwe in November 2017 in fear, with no plan to challenge the regime but to hide, without a clue of when he’d ever come back, with no courage to stand up to dictatorship, how can or on what basis does Prof lecture us on anything?

Moyo was the first to throw the gauntlet at CCC, saying the opposition party cannot claim anyone as its member as it does not have structures. Moyo tweeted:

As a brand new party formed in Jan 2022; with no link to any current or past political party; without having held a founding congress; with no ideology; with no constitution and with no structures; how can, or on what basis does, #CCC claim anyone as its member.

The Kenyan-based former cabinet minister has of late been a CCC after his attempts to be an unofficial advisor to the party were rejected by supporters who view him with suspicion due to his long association with ZANU PF.

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Yongororo 1 week ago

Iwe ZANU PF leave us alone. Its our choice, we are not ready for the Constitution simply to avoid you to penetrate and kuti bvoronga. Mbavha dzevanhu. Kuba chete kani ZANU PF . Aaaaa

Watsomba 1 week ago

Siyanai neCCC. Gadzirai macelll, gore negore seeking relavance. Macitizens ajamuka hamusundi. Makazama naDhagi Dhagi nemarecalls asi this time Zanu takusvitsai kutsime. You will continue to speculate.

Nahoreka 1 week ago

No.. We have structures everywhere for your own information. Only that they are interim.... As for the membership, every citizen is a member....period.

Crocodile 1 week ago

@comrade minister garai ikoko neZanu yenyu hapana chamunogona kuudza vanhu nyika yapera basa 42yrs muchitonga chabuda hapana gadzirai economy kwete kuita basa rekuda kuudzira vanhu imi musina chamurikugona kusara kwekuba chete


Captain Jack Sparrow 1 week ago

Ideology is thicker than blood. Without it they is no cadreship. CCC as it stands has more slogans than policies and its implementation, such a surreal situation to be in... Mahere should think before she utters foolishness kkkk

Tkt 1 week ago

*in re* of the matter raised by Hon Prof JoMo, I believe that Fadzi is really *non compos mentis*

*nota bene* her response on the matter raised by JoMo *in limmine* does not sync.
She deliberately avoided explaining why there is no party constitution and ideology? The ANSWER is she also is made to believe nothing by the self proclaimed leader

*nolo contende* that the Hon Prof did skip the border but that does not mean the bright minded cannot advise anyone

*Ita est in specie* defacto, this opposition project was only made to hood wink the people of 🇿🇼 giving them a false hope that they are going to see any good change but naaaa zviroto zvoga.
Wake up 🇿🇼 this project ccc will leave you with 😭 tears

Vote ZanuPF for the good

malaba 1 week ago

ccc basa kungotaura hamuna dhiri kutaura chte amuvhotiii imi

Advocate 1 week ago

you want us to have structures so that you may mess up around with them and weaken our party

Prof Rector 1 week ago

Even without structures, buildings, ideology we will support the CCC. Jonathan Moyo is a thief the ED regime wants him back to face charges. He should focus on fortifying his hiding place and leave politics to politicians

Proudly Anon 1 week ago

Mukutiiko Prof Rectum
Jonathan Moyo is a politician whose views are often elicited by CCC leadership.Its just that they cannot figure out how to accomodate him. He is too clever for them and he is aknown serial flip-floper.

Hameno 1 week ago

Musati semburyakudaa Constitution yamurikuda murikuidi pamwana asati akambaira

Comrade minister 1 week ago

Vanhu veCCC muri mapenzi munoda kusvikepi muchifamba musina constitution.Hamuoni kuti makapusa here saka munoona sei atadza kuti atadza kana musina mutemo wekureedza.Musafarire vanhu kusvika ipapo muchazochema marasiswa rimwe gore iwayi nemutemo.Musabve maona kunge vana biti naChamisa vanoziva zvose ingawani biti akatombopanduka.Every organisation ngaiwe nemuremo manzwa here musapuse imi.Saka zvamunoti Constitution yenyika yakashata tinozoonepi yakanaka imi musina

Maravaza 1 week ago

Seeking to impress the regime, I saw his congratulatory message to Chiwenga over his marriage.

Purse 1 week ago

Kuzanu kwacho kune structures kuri kuitwei leave CCC and form your political party

Failed Politicians Forum 1 week ago

True, Jonathan Moyo is a failed politician. So is Job Sikhala and Tendai Bit. They both formed their own doomed parties before rejoining MDC.
Zvisinei, Chitunha Chese ndeChedu®

🤷 1 week ago

Mahere she's right how can someone with. out courage speak on behalf of the courageous 🤷🤷.

CHIHOMBE 1 week ago

Nero itsotsi haadi constitution nekuti Ari kuda kuita Maduro ake ite pasina anozomuti wakanganisa achitonga Pato me Ginya kkk

Tozivepiko 1 week ago

Zanu Pf ine constitution since "donkey years" but that did not stop the New Deception from deposing RG Mugabe who turnedthis country into Zimbabwe Ruins. Jonso why did you not shout about your Zanu-Pf constitution when ED and his henchmen in the military took over. You and your comrades ran away with tails tucked between your legs. Where was your Constitution and Zimbabwe's Constitution?

true 1 week ago

if yu are working for NGO please vote zanu pf ndokuchengeta basa otherwise rinopera kana chi ccc chikapinda

vote zanu pf

vote yo employment

Mbare District 1 week ago

You have a point. If CCCC wins most ma NGO workers will lose jobs. Hantie zvinhu zvese zvinenge zvave ku fire.

mureza 1 week ago

moyo angotaura chokwadi sezvachirii.zvarwadza

Byo 1 week ago

Vote ED

ZANU PF 1 week ago

CCC kana mukawahwina muchagwira zvigaro kana arisa Biti mmmh ndomutya ini huyai Zanu pf titonge vachingohukura kuzvika vave

Blue tit 1 week ago

Just ignore musoro bhangu he is a coward a political prostitute a serial flip flopper. Just ignore him I say

factos 1 week ago

the CCC congress is the people of Zimbabwe
so there's no need of any political historic what what

Chawabvunza 1 week ago

The failed professor politician, Jonathan Moyo, has no capacity to lecture CCC political party on any issues to do with politics because he is a failed politician who misled the former first family until they were deposed in a coup de tat. The failed politician is angry with CCC political party because he wanted to join it by the back door when CCC leadership refused to allow him to train CCC polling agents for Harmonised Elections. If CCC has no structures, but goes on to win elections, what is wrong with that ?




Ndachipundura 1 week ago

Fadzi avoided addressing the issues raised by attacking the person Jonathan Moyo.
Discuss issues not personalities.

Maparamuro 1 week ago

You can slam him all you want but truth is stubborn it does not change because you refuse to acknowledge it.
All organisation are based on some agreed modus operandi even two people living together have rules. Constitution is what guides any political organisation and without it murikuita mahumbwe like it or not.

Jonso is right. Looks like kune vanoda kugara vari above everyone else who cannot be bound by the same rules as everyone else therefore just detest the constitution.
Charity begins at home, have a party constitution and abide by it to show you can also abide by the national constitution.

Prof Moyo wase zhwane 1 week ago

Ngizobe ngikhuluma lize lingicele ukuthi ngilincedise ngapha E 🇰🇪 ngihleli Sharp ngizabuya izinto zingakunga Mahere thula zwii ukhuluma kakhulu wena dzidza subject yekunyarara kuzvika mawana mukana wekuthonga

Joji 1 week ago


Dr Gire 1 week ago

Fadzi chiroorwa tipemberere
Vabereki vedu
Tidye makeke
Titambe mchato

Worzell Gummidge 1 week ago

Marriage is not an achievement & it happens at the proper time & by choice. Noone has the right to tell anyone who & at what time to marry. She is better off single, than to marry a possessive man with an inferiority complex who will suppress her political carreer.

bango 1 week ago

shut up prof moyo kawenzi kuhle uyabaleka uligwala lendoda njalo please stop criticism of the CCC

Ano 1 week ago

Tinowanika pa Pundula pasingadiwe data

VYBZ KARTEL 1 week ago

bato re Chitunha Chese nde Chedu (CCC) lacks direction what is your plan for the future kunze kwekungo ukura

Son 1 week ago

Ndaseka hangu😂

dispenser 1 week ago

hakuna Zisikava .hatimanikidzi vanhu kutida .hatihayi mabhazi kuendesa vanhu kumusangano

Joji 1 week ago

shu.r shena

Bhuru 1 week ago

Ko iwo mabhazi arikunzi mazupco achaiswa ruvara rwekare rwatinoziva kuti ndo rweZUPCO here kana kt yava new design yezupco

zupco cconsultant 1 week ago

iwe at zupco manejimendi bus redu rip ? Zupco haina kana bus its robbing citizens thru franchising deal ,thise silver buses belongs to Kuda Tagwirei ,iwe wacho unotoshandawo haunabkana dora rauinayo let alone mkdzi hauna unotorarawo padepot kana yerent hauna garapasi gwejaaaa

ZUPCO Menejiment 1 week ago

Munoiwanepi mari yeku hire ma buses edu?

CCC 1 week ago

We are doing things differently.We have what we term default membership.Anyone who despises/arbors/has issues etc with Zanu PF is our member.

Boreholes 1 week ago

Hatipfeke regalia. Hatiende kumusangano.Hatiite zvemacell. Hatina scarf. But ukada kuziva kuti tirivekupi unongonzwa nesasi. Ukanzwa vanoti 'Ende vauraya nyika' tisu. CCC.

bishu 1 week ago

jonati is a chameleon with no scruples or shame. he is a serial flip flopper
rabidly anti zanu in the 1980s
murderously pro zanu in 2000s
now a critic of zanu and CCC looking for a chance to join either for political relevance. a proper diseased political prostitute.

dispenser 1 week ago

Saka kana CCC ichiwachisa mabharanzi ezanu isina ma structure yakapenga . What more ikaita ma structure acho .Ingatoita white wash

Dirigsme 1 week ago

Jonathan Moyo is at it again. Back in Zanu as it's spin doctor. The exiled craven prof has been overtly moonlighting with Zanu apparatchiks seeking favor to come back home. He tongue in cheek and will-o-the-wisp is working extremely hard to please Mnangagwa & Chiwenga by denigrating the biggest opposition. To curry favor he unashamedly blesses & congratulates the retired general for successfully getting a hat trick in marriage. The other day he describes anyone who said Smith was better than ED. Jonathan will be back in Zim b4 Xmas to spearhead the propaganda crusade against CCC.And all of us know how venomous this Joseph Goebbels doppelganger is. He is a lethal weapon & could derail change in 2023.

Sparks 1 week ago

😂😂😂 Hatrick in marriage

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 week ago

I like the fact that Chamisa is quiet these days on social media playing his cards in peace 😂

Job Sikhala 1 week ago

I have been doing a lot of thinking while I am inside Harare Central. Jonathan Moyo may have run away but he has a point.We do not have party structures nor membership registers.
Let us put our house in order

Joji 1 week ago kune shena

SpiritualEye 1 week ago

UriRenje Goritoto raJob here. Are a vampire

chati homu! ...chareva 1 week ago

Well said Mahere

Worzell Gummidge 1 week ago

The CCC Interim leadership is very wise. There is a strategic reason for it's actions. At the proper time, formalities will be done. At the moment, Zanu Pf cannot target ordinary citizens & victimise them for being CCC members because there is no formal membership. The regime cannot use lawfare & it's captured courts to decimate the CCC because there is no CCC Constitution which they can use in court to launch launch frivolous challenges like what Khupe & her MDC-T did in 2020. Anyone who loves the CCC is free to support & vote it into power without being coerced, and that's a constitutional right. If Jonathan Moyo is peeved by the CCC's decisions, he should form his own party & do things his way.

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