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Mahere Slams Jonathan Moyo

Mahere Slams Jonathan Moyo

CCC nationals spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere has hit back and exiled former ZANU PF politburo member Professor Jonathan who had claimed the newly-formed opposition party has neither an ideology nor an identity.

Mahere said Moyo is not in a position to lecture CCC on its internal issues considering that he fled the country in 2017 and has been in hiding since. Said Mahere:

As a person who fled Zimbabwe in November 2017 in fear, with no plan to challenge the regime but to hide, without a clue of when he’d ever come back, with no courage to stand up to dictatorship, how can or on what basis does Prof lecture us on anything?

Moyo was the first to throw the gauntlet at CCC, saying the opposition party cannot claim anyone as its member as it does not have structures. Moyo tweeted:

As a brand new party formed in Jan 2022; with no link to any current or past political party; without having held a founding congress; with no ideology; with no constitution and with no structures; how can, or on what basis does, #CCC claim anyone as its member.

The Kenyan-based former cabinet minister has of late been a CCC after his attempts to be an unofficial advisor to the party were rejected by supporters who view him with suspicion due to his long association with ZANU PF.

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