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Magaisa Discusses Prosecutor General Hodzi's Resignation From The "Hot Seat"

Magaisa Discusses Prosecutor General Hodzi's Resignation From The

Alex Tawanda Magaisa, a law lecturer in the United Kingdom, has said the resignation of Prosecutor-General Kumbirai Hodzi from the “hot seat” will not change anything as President Mnangagwa will “unilaterally” appoint another one. Magaisa who is a former Chief of Staff in the office of a former Prime Minister, the late Morgan Tsvangirai, said Hodzi failed to execute his duties diligently during his tenure of office. Pindula News presents Magaisa’s Twitter thread on the matter:

One of the key referees, Prosecutor-General Hodzi has resigned due to ill-health. The PG’s office was supposed to chart a new course after the 2013 Constitution. But its record in politically-related matters remains abysmal & it’s institutionally biased toward the ruling party

The turnover rate at the PG’s office is too high with 3 PGs since 2013. Tomana was fired by Mugabe in 2017. ED brought him back as Ambassador to the DRC. His successor resigned while he was under investigation. And now Hodzi has gone citing ill-health. It’s a hot seat!

Hodzi’s appointment was not without controversy. He wasn’t the best performer at the interviews. But he was ED’s favourite and he picked him anyway. ED changed the rules last year with the amendment & now unilaterally appoints the PG without the need for public interviews.

Hodzi’s record was marked by inaction in key incidents. The political killings of civilians in August 2018 & January 2019 happened under his watch but no one was ever prosecuted. The Motlanthe Commission’s recommendations to prosecute offenders were literally ignored.

However, lawyers, journalists and political activists were subjected to lawfare strategies, with prosecutors leading the harassment of the likes of Hopewell Chin’ono, Job Sikhala, Beatrice Mtetwa, Joanna Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri, Netsai Marova & countless others.

One of the most high-profile cases in his tenure was the arrest of Henrietta Rushwaya who was caught red-handed with 6.9kg of gold at the RG Mugabe International Airport in Harare. Although this happened in October 2020 & it’s an uncomplicated case she is yet to be prosecuted.

Hodzi’s departure won’t change anything. ED will just appoint another favourite who will look after his and the ruling party’s interests. There are quite a few who have been campaigning and doing apprenticeship for a role in recent years. If anything, things may get worse.

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