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'Madzibaba Bond' Fires Six Shots As He Escapes Mob Attack At Shrine

'Madzibaba Bond' Fires Six Shots As He Escapes Mob Attack At Shrine

A Chitungwiza self-styled prophet, who reportedly fired shots at his Chipinge shrine, said he had to discharge the firearm to escape from a mob that was baying for his blood.

Bornservia Gumira (Madzibaba Bond) of Masowe Enyenyedzi apostolic sect’s aides, including his younger brother Adam Gumira and Mathew Chatara, were assaulted and injured at his shrine by some machete-wielding people.

They were beaten up when they inquired about the noise that was coming from outside their homestead, in Gumira Village at Chidjururwi under Chief Musikavanhu.

Madzibaba Bond reportedly fired six warning shots to escape during the attack, but his aides were not so lucky as they were assaulted by the mob.

The incident was reported at Chisumbanje Police Base.

H-Metro reported sources as saying some members of the community alleged to have been involved in witchcraft teamed up to attack Madzibaba Bond. Said a source:

There is a serious rift in the community where some people who were alleged to have items of witchcraft were exposed, with some surrendering their tools of trade.

Some members of the community then teamed up to attack Bond and his team.

They had machetes and other dangerous weapons.

Some surrendered their voodoo but there were others who were against it resulting in the fight.

Madzibaba Bond, who comes from the Gumira Village, allegedly stirred a hornet’s nest when he challenged the alleged witches who now want him to leave his home area.

Speaking Pindula News, Madzibaba Bond claimed that there was a ritual murder in the area sometime last year and the case is still under police investigation. He added:

The murderers harvested the victim’s private parts and eyes and some people were now coming to his shrine to confess their involvement in ritual murders.

These confessions made at his shrine resulted in the fights because those implicated in the rituals murders were angered by the exposures.

… Chidjururwi is a mountain that was a stronghold for witches and traditional leaders and was frequented by government officials in the past.

A powerful traditional healer called Meki also used to stay in the mountain and he had made the place a no-go area even for the police. At one point police officers were attacked with bows and arrows.

Madzibaba Bond claimed that God sent him to cleanse the area and his success angered his enemies resulting in the mob attacking him and his aides.

Following the shooting incident, the self-styled prophet handed himself in with his gun that was later cleared.

He was facing charges of discharging a firearm. He said:

I had to escape and spent the night away in hiding after the incident.

The firearm helped me get away as I fired warning shots to gain my freedom.

The firearm has valid paperwork.

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