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Madam Boss Wins E! People’s Choice Awards African Social Star Category

Madam Boss Wins E! People’s Choice Awards African Social Star Category

Zimbabwean comedienne, Madam Boss also known as Tyra Chikocho real name Tarisai Cleopatra Chikocho, has won the 2021 E! People’s Choice Awards for the “African Social Star” category. 

The actress posted on social media announcing the development. She said she received a call from an E! staff, who announced she’s the winner in the nominated category. E! announced on social media:

She’s a winner! Congratulations to Tyra Chikocho aka Madam Boss for winning the #AfricanSocialStar #PeoplesChoiceAward for 2021.
#PCAs | 8pm CAT Dec 8 on E!

On November 1, 2021, Madam Boss was nominated alongside South African actress, Boity Thulo, South African Lasizwe, Nigerian rapper Falz and Kenyan tick-tok star Azziad Nesanya for the African Social Star award. Reacting to her nomination, she said:

Oh oh oh oh oh am just a girl from Madziva

We did it

Thank you MadamBoss fans for voting for me woooow I can’t believe this

Mum dearest wake up

Thank you @eonlineafrica this is big for me and my fans

Zimbabwe we did it

Don’t miss the 2021 Peoples Choice Awards 7 December on DSTv Channel 124



Meanwhile, Dwayne The Rock Johnson is the People’s Champion at the 2021 People’s Choice Awards!

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Realman 5 months ago

Congratulations congratulations to your Madam Boss, you have raised the Zim, Southern Africa Flag high. No one can dispute the fact that you are hotter than water in a Tea Kettle. All the best in your career🇿🇼Proudly Zimbabwean🇿🇼

No to Gender Based violence
No to early child pregnancy
No to corruption
No to Drug abuse
No to Rape

Dr huni 5 months ago

Anomboita nezvei nhai????

Maitt 5 months ago

Anenge ano shambadza muviri wake

Shadows 5 months ago

Pane akaroveswa pasi pemuswe apo

Chapasuka 5 months ago

Really! kiss goes by favour..... Congrats madam boss🤣

J C 5 months ago

Vakutouta mari ka muchiti hee ihure hee zvakazodini


Leader of the youths (jnr) 5 months ago

Congratulations Madam Boss ...mazviita madadisa ...masimudzira Zim Entertainment makorokoto

D1vant 5 months ago

This is big, for her really, congratulations to herself!!! Zimbos will rush to say ohh it was some toko losh

Miss Pikinini 5 months ago

Guys let us not accuse people or tarnish people's images by saying things we don't have proof or evidence of. If you are put on the vice over these things zvamotaura about Madam Boss or MaiTT munozviziva here. Askana tisadaro nooo. No to Women's Abuse.

J C 5 months ago

Tell them

Jordan 5 months ago

Hapana here kaNjuzu apa kkk .Senga amhlophe/makorokoto mrandakadzi

Mdara Odza 5 months ago

Anokwirisa hake but mari anotsvaga uye ma award anotora

Muface 5 months ago

Anokwirisa kudarika mai Titi?

Miss Pikinini 5 months ago

Kutambisa magaro izvo kuchibhadhara. Makorokoto Madam Boss🕺💃
Ndakutopinza anguwo pabasa.

Chapwititi 5 months ago

What does it benefit to gain wealth and fame,but to loose your soul,i smell a rat in this drama of Madam Boss.

see where am coming from 5 months ago

😂don't be bitter wangu plus you said loose so she technically didnt lose her soul😂😂

CMS 5 months ago

Hezvo matowa kuparadise nehell🧐🧐nhaka zvangu ini

Conquring 5 months ago

Dwayne ayo.madhara vagara vanozviziva wani. Mmadam bosss ummmmmm

Hsjjsj 5 months ago

Madam boss z too much
Vana maitt vachingo....

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