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Madam Boss Receives Death Threats

Madam Boss Receives Death Threats

Comedienne Madam Boss, whose real name is Tarisai Cleopatra Chikocho, claims she received death threats from strangers, both on her mobile phone, and on social media.

Madam revealed the matter through a Facebook post which she has since deleted.

Speaking in an interview with H-Metro, the comedienne explained why she took down the post. She said:

It passed and I don’t want to dwell on it because how can I joke about things like that?

I don’t want it to be in public, that is the reason why I took down the post, I wouldn’t want to alert my enemies.

I have no idea what might have led people to threaten me.

Actually, I think they are just strangers who don’t like me.

Madam Boss, however, said she was not sure who was behind the threats or their motives but insisted that she will not lose sleep over the matter. She said:

Haters are always there. As a celebrity, you are surrounded by many people who can turn into haters.

Even anyone, who is not a celebrity, can even testify how sometimes one can be surrounded by negative energy.

So, if a normal person can have haters, it can be worse when it is me.

But, I don’t know who it was.

The threat came through the phone. But that doesn’t matter and won’t change me.

I would like to tell my fans that I love them and I am indebted for the support they give me every day.

The threats came after Madam Boss and other celebrities took part in the search for missing St Mathias Tsonzo High School student, Livingstone Sunhwa.

Human remains thought to be those of Livingstone were found in a thicket about a kilometre from the school on the day Madam Boss and other celebrities were in Mutare searching for the teenager.

It is not clear whether the death threats were linked to Madam Boss’ public demand for answers in Livingstone’s disappearance or not.

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Stunner 1 month ago

I have an ask.
Who told Madam Boss that she is a celebrity?

popcaan 1 month ago

taura hako anongozvinetsawo

🗣️ VoVoiceless 1 month ago

No weapon formed against those who fear the name of the Lord that shall prosper.
What you did by leading #JUSTICE FOR LIVINGSTON is well recommend if some who thought will recommend that didn't bother to do so.
However you showed that you can stand for others no matter what their level of status in life is.
People will always intimidate those who do good well in society.
Just keep on doing what you believe the most to uplift the society.

Watsomba 1 month ago

High probability is that she came to St. Mathias High school to quiz the authorities on the whereabouts of Livingston. Their effort has yielded results..Tokutendai nebasa rakakosha kudaro.

Nxaaaa 1 month ago

if she didn't want it in public why did she post it then? Am I missing something here?

G 1 month ago

Yah i guess... She is becoming a politician

Hacker-in-Chief 1 month ago

Social media presence is all about controversy.More controversy means more likes on her pages and everything is monetized.
Its all about money.

Madam Boss 1 month ago

Take time to understand us. If there are no stories out there about us, we have to create the stories ourselves.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Im one of the few pple who hate her, i hate pple who manipulate things for their fame. Unotsvagireyi mbiri nekufa kwemwana nxcaaa ini akandibhohwa


Queen 1 month ago

Say нell тo тнe qυeen and I wιll тell yoυ wнaт'ѕ goιng on

dispenser 1 month ago

Madam muri munhu akaenda Kuchikoro imi . when it comes to threats .It is the responsibility of criminal investigation unit to figure out who phoned yu fromcold it be econet ,tercel ,or net one

xyz 1 month ago

who is this madam boss,anoita nezvei........Pindula itai serious toda news not personal life matters dzevamwe vanhu....tese tinawo maissues.

Sca 1 month ago

Madam boss tibvireipo.

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