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Machete Gang Loots Gokwe Town Council Property

Machete Gang Loots Gokwe Town Council Property

Ten (10) men who were armed with machetes allegedly forcibly gained access to the Gokwe Town Council warehouse around 11 PM on Tuesday and looted property worth around $500 000.

According to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), the suspects threatened the security guard, took away the keys to the warehouse and tied him with ropes.

They then drove into the warehouse and loaded property that included new water pumps, stoves, solar panels and vehicle tyres.

ZRP spokesperson in Midlands Province Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the robbery incident. He said:

The guard, Mr John Takaendesa, was then ordered to surrender the gate keys or risk death. They then went on to tie his hands and legs using a rope.

The gang stole 18 solar panels, five water pumps, two four-plate stoves and 10 vehicle tires before they drove away.

An official with the town council who wanted to remain anonymous said the property was valued at around $500 000.

He said the local authority had ordered some solar panels worth over $150 000 which were part of the stolen loot.

The solar panels were meant for the councilÔÇÖs street solar lighting rollout. Said the official:

The robbers must have had some inside information because some of the property which was stolen was new and had just been delivered. The total amount of stolen property is around $500 000.

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Parasite 1 month ago

Guard akabirwa , a guard is a first suspect

Joe Brownn 1 month ago

those are Zanu-PF thugs Mudha's machete boys they're untouchable. Zanu-PF must go.

charlie.charlie 1 month ago

Let the hired assassin target Mudha..the whole machete gangsters will crumble

Joe Brownn 1 month ago

those are Zanu-PF thugs Misha's machete boys they're untouchable.

Asalif 1 month ago

Wadyajena these people are angry with you , they voted for you and you dumped them for Borrowdale Brooke since 2018

Blue­čöÁ 1┬ámonth ago

Isu tinongoti Ngaapinde Hake Chamisa. CCC 2023.

STALIN 1 month ago

Ur delusional


The Adjudicator 1 month ago

@blue­čöÁ yu shld be ashamed of being known for the wrong reasons.Yu dwell in a delusion and fanatic world .Be reminded that no matter how much unschooled propaganda yu try to spread ,the truth always prevail.We need not rocket science to see that these old madhalas hve failed dismally to govern.
All these robberies are as a result of poor living conditions caused by mediocrity and maladministration by this touting and looting cartel.
pliz spare us yo trash,we hve other fish to fry

Blue ­čöÁ 1┬ámonth ago

Ma supporters e CCC akazara ne anti-development tendencies. Nyika inovakwa sei nema ding dong akadai?

Ellie 1 month ago

Well done ­čĹŹ guys ­čĹŹ keep it up

Blue­čöÁ 1┬ámonth ago

The Old-People's-Home gangsters

Vote for Chamisa. Vote for CCC

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