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Machete Gang Leader Killed In Police Shootout

Machete Gang Leader Killed In Police Shootout

Police shot and killed an alleged leader of illegal gold miners during a shootout in Bindura on Friday.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) national spokesperson Paul Nyathi confirmed the fatal shooting of Claudius Tavazera (21), who was on the police’s list of most wanted persons.

Asst Comm Nyathi said Tavazera and 30 other suspects, who are still at large, were armed with machetes and attacked and kidnapped two employees of Botha Mining Syndicate. He said:

The Zimbabwe Republic Police confirms the death of Claudius Tavazera, who died in a shootout incident that occurred in Bindura on March 4, 2022, at about 1200hrs.

Police received reports of kidnapping and attempted murder where two complainants employed by Botha Mining Syndicate were attacked and kidnapped by a group of approximately 31 illegal gold miners who were armed with machetes, spears, knobkerries, catapults, logs, switches knives and axes.

The suspects attacked the complainants on allegations of planning to drive illegal gold miners out of the Kitsiyatota area.

Nyathi said police officers encountered the gang which attacked the law enforcement agents prompting them to call for reinforcements and to fire four warning shots.

The suspects allegedly ignored the warning shots and attacked the police until Tavazera was shot on the left knee, prompting the other gang members to flee.

The police rescued the Botha Mining Syndicate employees and ferried them to Bindura Hospital together with the suspect.

Nyathi said Tavazera died at Bindura Hospital while receiving treatment.

ZRP has launched a manhunt for other suspects including Kudakwashe Njenge and Behavior Gwaimai.

Tavazera and some of his accomplices were already on the police wanted list over robbery and rape cases that occurred in Chinhamhora.

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Vybz kartel 5 months ago

we call upon ramaposa to invade zimbabwe and seperate mthwakazi from mashonaland
we will happily join southaafrica
this shona country is useless

Vybz Kartel 5 months ago

Mufake uyo

Jinx 5 months ago

Ndikuku sviiraa kunge mukadzi mira uone

5 months ago

$UB 5 months ago

Pasi nemakorokoza ngabviswe mamamines umo heil ZRP

Deepsky 5 months ago

Why do the police always tell lies? it's never been a shootout ini ndogarako and they're not machete gangs,, they're mere and hopeless artisanal miners who's struggling to feed their families. Police be warned what you're doing is not right. It will not end well.

Tkt 5 months ago know a SHOOT-OUT????IT DOESN'T MEAN THE MAKOROKOZA WERE SHOOTING NOPE...ZRP personnel were e one shooting...I'diot s tupid

Totito 5 months ago

So what really happened. Tipewo 1st hand information

Moyo Muti 5 months ago

Rest in peace Tavazera

😂😂 5 months ago

one Zanu pf man dead
hameno dokusele abangaki

Tkt 5 months ago

One Shona down

🙄 5 months ago

You can say that again. Zanu owns these machete gangs, we now know.

Unkown for good 5 months ago

Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo mdara

Simple boi 5 months ago

Usapusa iwewe


Brunette 5 months ago

@Vybz Kartel must be a mad man / woman - one day he/she he is seen backing the ruling ZANU PF party, the next day or hour he/she is the opposite (CCC party). Presumably, several people are sharing this name(@Vybz Kartel) when posting comments ! If so, what's in this name that makes it popular (or a nuisance) on this platform ?

Tkt 5 months ago

Vybz Kartel e pindula founding member,supports Zanu-pf n works fo e State..he has bn here since day one... unfortunately,he transferred his popularity to 2 stupid supports CCC n e other Mrp...ccc supporters were jealous of his popularity...

fireman 5 months ago

government and police must take this issue of machete gangs serious....

Ribvungu 5 months ago

shoot to kill these terrorists

Dispenser 5 months ago

How do you do shoot out w someone who have got a knife against a gun

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