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Macheso To Drop New Album On His 54th Birthday

Macheso To Drop New Album On His 54th Birthday

Musician Alick Macheso is set to release his 12th album on 10 June, which is his 54th birthday.

Speaking to H-Metro on Wednesday, Macheso said he wants to celebrate his birthday with his fans who have been waiting for four years for a new album. He said:

We have made the decision. The fans have been waiting for four years now.

The album will be out on June 10, which is my birthday.

It is always important to celebrate the gift of life and I want to celebrate with the album.

Macheso’s manager Tich Makahamadze said they have started working on the logistics to ensure a successful event. Said Makahamadze:

The album is coming out on June 10 on his birthday. Like what mudhara (the boss) has said, we have made a decision.

Obviously, the wish is to have a big event where he would be able to meet fans since it coincides with his birthday.

But, we are not going to change even if new COVID-19 measures are to come up restricting gatherings. That then means we will have to launch it virtually.

Macheso has reunited with Noel Nyazanda and Zakaria Zacharia for the first time in 12 years as they worked together on the yet-to-be-named album.

The Orchestra Mberikwazvo leader has been playing snippets during his live shows with the duo.

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T.E MAN'OMBE 3 months ago

yaaa takarimirira zuva iri baba Sherooo , mwari vakuchengetai zvizhinji nekukupai njere dzekuramba muchitipakurira mutakunanzva , we are behind u in what so ever situation munogona munogona mhani mudharaaa , MBERI KWAZVOOOOO !!!!!!!! sando sando sando

T.E MAN'OMBE 3 months ago

waiting for day

Ba Bee 3 months ago

Yaaaa sometimes our comments on this platform anoratidza kwatakabva makuriro nemagariro, think and re read b4 you post yr comment,anenzeve dzekunzwa anzwa

Khalifa 3 months ago

Baba Sharo.ğŸ¤ ğŸ•ºğŸ¥ğŸ¥‡ğŸŽ¼ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¸

Madzibaba 3 months ago

Famba baba sharo sando dzenyu mudhara

Bright 3 months ago

Chinenge chakaipa ichi zaka zaka zvekare


DC 3 months ago

He did the last album with Nowero so I don't think it's a reunion with Macheso. He went back to the join the band around 2017. Zaka Zaka ndiye aita reunion.
I feel sorry for my fellow who dissed Sungura. My friend, live bands attracts a huge crowd unlike malip-singing pachiridzwa beat/rhythm. Sungura inemari, BaSharo vanetwunhu twavo

Kudzai Machaka 3 months ago

We thank u baSharo for the latest on your born day ,we love mdara munotigone .Hatikukanganwei till death .am happy you will release new message for us .

p 3 months ago

Musakanganwa kukurudzira vechidiku kuti pa Yellow ndopane yeese mu album yenyu baba Shero

Soul jah love 3 months ago

Rosewitta siyana ne mboko iyi,vana mboko vapfana vebhonyora..iwe mboko zidhodhi wanyadzidza ma Zimbabweans.

Nelson 3 months ago

kufunga chaiko kwakakosha muhupenyu

Soul jah love 3 months ago

Sungura?endai kumusha chibaba munorima mbanje.Azvibhadari izvi.

Majeke 3 months ago

Saka munhu otadza kuita maplans ehupenyu hwake nekuti anogona kuzofa here does that make sense wish you all the best baba Sharo

. 3 months ago

Ko ndorambidzwa nani kunyora zvandinoda nhai🤪

. 3 months ago

Hupenyu ndehwaMwari vaMacheso. Ko mukasasvika 10June wacho

Voltz JT 3 months ago

Macheso legendary

. 3 months ago

No wonder why Mboko achizongotaura zvaanoda lol its becoz of pipo like you ma examiners ezvinhu zvese. Warambidzwa nani kuisa mafungiro ako asinei nekuita comment zvevamwe. Iye akazoti makai mafungiro evamwe pano ndian nhai...tsvagai mari naMwari

Nelson 3 months ago

dai uchifunga waisanyora zvakaora kudai zvinotaridza kuti ndimi vanhu vanongorarama musina direction kunge zongororo uye handifungi kuti kana chitupa unachoba

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