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Macheso Leaves Jonasi Kasamba Behind As He Embarks On International Tour

Macheso Leaves Jonasi Kasamba Behind As He Embarks On International Tour

Alick Macheso’s Orchestra Mberikwazvo will be without key member, Jonasi Kasamba when they embark on their international tour beginning Saturday night.

The group’s publicist, Tich Makahamadze, told ZTN that Kasamba lost his mother and has since returned to the Democratic Republic of Congo, his home country. He said:

Yes, Jonasi is missing the tour. He has lost his mother back in DRC and we have allowed him to travel and mourn his mother. “We have him and his family in prayers and we would have loved to be with him in these difficult times but it’s unfortunate the death came at a time we’re on this tour.

It’s not a secret that Jonasi brings that vibe into the band, that’s his job. We are going to miss him but work has to continue. Those who are available will do the job.

We were set to start the tour Friday night in Dubai but due to reasons beyond our control, we had to postpone it to Saturday (tonight).

Macheso is set to perform in Asia, Australia and Europe, with a performance at Secret Lounge, Excelsior Hotel, Al Barsha in Dubai tonight.

In Australia, Macheso is to perform in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane between August 12 and 20. He completes the tour with a performance in Leicester, the United Kingdom on August 28.

He will be supported by Gemma Griffiths. 

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Zuze 1 week ago

Jonasi, Jonasi, when did he Shonalise his name?

I knew him from his days with Lubumbashi Stars! That was before they got stranded in Zimbabwe.... Hehehehede ....

Muchawa 1 week ago


Ras Tiraz 1 week ago

Interesting History lesson there @Zuze

Lijo 1 week ago

Ko nhai guys Gamu waDj Fantan ndiye futi waHoly ten here

sabhuku 1 week ago

ukusanganisa nyaya

😉 1 week ago

ndewevese kkkk ndewa Enzol fut

jz 1 week ago

Kasamba is not Shona name ,,,izita rechiDRC,,,,,sorry Kasamba for for your mother's death ,,,let her soul rest in peace

Zuze 1 week ago

Pickie Kasamba of The Black Spirits fame muKorekore azere.

As a chanter with Lubumbashi Stars this guy was known as Remus. Their sojourn into Zimbabwe was promoted by, and initial shows organised by Philip Chiyangwa.

The first show was at 7 Miles Motel, followed by another at Kamfinsa Hotel (now used as offices by ZPH). The supporting act was Philip Chitangwa's brother, Mr. Bulk & Bulk Spirits, whose 3 wives were backing vocalist to Mr Bulk.

Those days they were housed in a rented house in Ashdown Park. Subsequently after Chiyangwas patronage fell through they moved to Peter Pamire's Jamaica Inn. Thereafter the band broke up, some of the band members were employed at Mohamed Mussa Wholesalers.

Bvunzai isu vana Zuze.

Anony 1 week ago

Kasamba is a shona name
enda unotenga kasamba kaya ke $0.50

s 1 week ago

siyai mbanje imi 😂😂😂

Signor 1 week ago



Phidza 1 week ago

Zuze salute munoziva zvinhu zvenyu mdara

k****z 1 week ago

saka Sam Mangwana anga ari zimbo futi😃

Zuze 1 week ago

Yes, Sam Mangwana is related to the Mangwana's of Chivi (including Paul Mangwana,
the ZANU Director of Legal Affairs) When he came to Zimbabwe for his shows he actually visited his roots.

k****z 1 week ago

saka Sam Mangwana anga ari zimbo futi😃

k****z 1 week ago

saka Sam Mangwana anga ari zimbo futi😃

xxx 1 week ago

ko president muZimba here

Zuze 1 week ago

Yes, ED is a Zimbo by descent, and Zambian by birth.

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