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Mabelreign Girls High Expels Pupil Over 'Affair' With Security Guard

Mabelreign Girls High Expels Pupil Over 'Affair' With Security Guard

A 16-year-old Form Three pupil was recently expelled from Mabelreign Girls High School after she was involved in several sexual encounters with a security guard employed by the school at the school premises.

The guard, David Tembo, believed to be in his late thirties, allegedly resigned in an effort to sweep the scandal under the carpet.

Tembo, however, is reportedly still residing at the school while the Form three girl pupil was expelled from the school, leaving her parents bitter.

H-Metro reported sources as saying the matter was downplayed at the police station after the girl said the encounters were consensual.

The girl’s mother confirmed to H-Metro that her daughter had sexual encounters with the security guard Tembo. She said:

I don’t want to talk about it anymore since it’s distressing my daughter. She cannot even handle anything right now.

The father accused the school head, Nomatamsanqa Kusena, of protecting the security guard. He said:

The Headmistress is protecting a person who manipulated my daughter into sex.

Nothing has been done to him, and the head just wants us to go away.

The security guy is someone who we entrust our kids with at the school and he is supposed to be a father figure.

How could he do that to my daughter?

The sad part is that we were just handed a transfer letter and told to look for another school for my daughter because it’s no longer accommodating for her.

Contacted for comment, Tembo denied ever having an affair with the Form three pupil. Said Tembo:

I don’t know what you are talking about; yes I know her but the conversations you are referring to are involving another guy.

It was my phone which was used to send the messages and I was also fixing her phone.

The school head Mrs Kusena can testify because I explained everything to her.

Meanwhile, Kusena refused to entertain the media, saying “I am not in a position to speak to the media, I can only refer you to the authorities. No comment”.

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Sparonsa 6 months ago

Mumwe musecurity akafa nerunyoka,kwasara iwe

Tosh 6 months ago

Haaa zvorwadza izvi but vana sikana vakunyanyoda varume vevanhu. Wese murume wemunhu aripano ngasatambisa vanasikana ts better muende kuma m1 zvenyu

Zulu 6 months ago

Vana vamazuvano vanoda kudya arimhanya ma14-15-16 navarume vevanhu

Tee nduku 6 months ago

Haaa pane jyaya apa guard ngaasasungwe hake

Nyamuteyi Takateya 6 months ago

Mwanaskana uyu akatora munhu waHeadmistress ndosaka nyaya iyi isina kure kwairi kuenda,guard haasungwe chinhu coz anezvunhu zvemukuru wechikoro.

Mwana aive atotsabvurira mistress vavekutorohwa nenzara but sezvo apihwa free transfer kudai aiwa vomboihwawo 🤗

Gogodera 6 months ago

Toita sei nevana uniform yadii kuAmerica vanofamba nebra nepant kuzvibata kuvarume

Fifi cooper 6 months ago



Kaguvi naCharwe 6 months ago

Saka mwana adzingirwa kuita bonde nagaurd here.

Draco bad and bougee 6 months ago

Nemiwo mungaise guard wechirume pa girls high netuma uniform twakuofekwa mazuwano maiti zvinopera sei

Dr huni 6 months ago

Mahobho haatambise anorova

D1vant 6 months ago

The law is stubborn

Gogodera 6 months ago

Saka mitemo uyu ndowavanoshandisa kukanganisa vana hoo but security gard ava vane hutsinye kutambisa Kampala havanyare

Gogodera 6 months ago

Kongasukwe handiti I underage

Tfg 6 months ago

She is not underage .The law states that 16and above is allowed to have sex but not allowed to go into marriage read the law...

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