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Lupane Hospital To Become The Biggest In The Country - Mnangagwa

Lupane Hospital To Become The Biggest In The Country - Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa last week said Lupane Provincial hospital in Matabeleland North Province is set to become the biggest hospital in the country upon its completion. 

He made the remarks on Saturday at a  Zanu PF campaign rally in Binga. He said:

We have Lupane Provincial hospital in Matabeleland North. It had taken years and years of not being constructed. I then took a soldier and appointed him as the Health Minister (Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga) who is building the hospital, and that hospital will be the biggest hospital in all the provinces.

Last year, the government allocated $47 million for the construction of the hospital, as the province relied on St Luke’s for health services, while critically-ill patients were referred to Bulawayo.

Lupane Hospital has a 250-bed capacity.

Matabeleland North is the only province in the country without a provincial hospital.

Last year, Chiwenga said the completion of the hospital was at the top of the government’s priority list.

Recently provincial medical director Admire Kuretu told Southern Eye that contractors were concentrating on the casualty and outpatients’ department.

During his address at the weekend, Mnangagwa also promised to give 31 fishing rigs to the people of Binga.

Binga is in a sorry state despite being endowed with tourism facilities. Roads linking Siabuwa and the Chirundu highway through Musambakaruma have been neglected over the years.

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biggest 3 weeks ago

biggest zvichireva kuva chinhombe kudarika zvimwe zvose? kune inonzi PGH, meaning Parirenyatwa group of hospitals. lyoyo even a million years to come, will remain the biggest

Gomo 1 month ago

Gomo is the largest referral hospital in zimbabwe.i shall defend my birth place by enlarging and modernizing it.hatidyiwe zvekumhanya Gomo all da way

ngorima mushava 1 month ago

it will be a good thing for the people of Mat North,,did know kuti it was the only province isina provincial Hospital...
why so long after independence

sharp 1 month ago

Baba havaneti kurotomoka ava

cute 1 month ago

kkkkk parenyatwa munonyatso iziya here imi mabeds ayo anodarika 250 nekure even marooms acho unogona kubiwa ukashaikwa

seh 1 month ago

day dreaming

zvakaoma 1 month ago

kkkkkkk hanzi raurai hove musatinetse


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago


born free 1 month ago


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