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Love For Power, Not For Jesus Sends ED To Churches - Masunungure

Love For Power, Not For Jesus Sends ED To Churches - Masunungure

University of Zimbabwe (UZ) political science lecturer, Eldred Masunungure, said that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been canvassing political support in the church to prolong its stay at State House.

Unnamed senior ZANU PF officials recently told The NewsHawks that Mnangagwa and the First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa have decided to harvest support in churches following an Afrobarometer survey report released in June this year.

The Afrobarometer report indicated a rise in the popularity of CCC leader Nelson Chamisa against waning support for Mnangagwa.

The key finding of the survey was that if elections were held at that juncture, 33% of the respondents were going to vote for Chamisa while 30% would vote for Mnangagwa.

Speaking to The NewsHawks, Masunungure said the First Family is now frequenting churches not for the love of Jesus but for love of power. He said:

This goes to show the enormous and increasing power of the religious factor, particularly the indigenous African churches as well as the Pentecostals.

Remember, according to the recent Afrobarometer survey (March-April 2022), 90% of Zimbabweans declared that they are Christians.

This is coupled with the fact that religious leaders are by far the most trusted among public figures, with 71% of adult citizens saying they trust them compared to the next most trusted institutions, traditional leaders who attract 58% trust levels.

In short, the first family – President and First Lady – have their fingers on the pulse.

But, let’s be clear: it’s not for the love of Jesus or the Bible but for love of power that proximity to religious figures yields.

Also note that traditional leaders have long been targeted and are now in the fold, and so are many other socio-political demographic groups.

This is all part of a total strategy that leaves no stone unturned on the road to retaining State House.

Masunungure added that Mnangagwa’s strategy to lure churches could garner votes for him in next year’s elections. He said:

The chances are extremely high, especially in respect of the above religious movements – indigenous and pentecostal– where often the word of the bishop is taken as a directive to the congregants and there is little to no room for dissenting voices and defiant actions.

ZANU PF officials including Mnangagwa, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga and the First Lady have been frequenting countless churches.

On 16 July, Mnangagwa was in Mafararikwa at St Noah where he attended the Passover Service of the Johanne Marange Apostolic Church.

That same day, the First Lady and Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa were in Mutare, attending an Apostolic Ejuweni Jekenisheni church service.

On 2 July, Chiwenga was at the Catholic-run Monte Cassino Girls High School in Macheke.

On 7 August, Mnangagwa attended a service at Zion Christian Church at Defe Dopota. He was accompanied by the First Lady.

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pm 1 month ago

no one is above God endai henyu zuva renyu richasvikawo saBob

,,, Dott 1 month ago

Saka zvinei nemi kuenda kuchurch koiwe warambidzwa kuen**** hre

hh 1 month ago

**** yako

Jojo 1 month ago

Black sheep in white sheep ndapedza hangu

Kule 1 month ago

Pane ari kitayimira tuma under age. Tarisayi ziso racho

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

It shows that ED is firm on his mandate to retain his throne unlike lazy bones Chamisa who thinks that votes will just flow from heaven without him making any effort. I say well done to his excellency ED 2023 is yours for the taking

true 1 month ago

kudiwa nevanhu hakudi zvembabvu zvinotwa nanasekuru avo ... vanoenda kuchurch towards election chete last year wakambonzwa kuti vanga vari kuchurch kupi

ZIMBA🇿🇼Original 1 month ago

well said Captain Jack Sparrow, Chamisa will miss the mark bcz of delusional overzealous, vamwe vachirova ndima zviri practical,,, opposition yajaira ma go fund me.
Donor Syndrome

truth 1 month ago

that true

Ed 1 month ago

Keep it up..


Apolitically 1 month ago

no matter it's not a ticket and a assurance that will attract support.
Just because the founder of the church invites the high authority at church doesn't mean the members will do according to what the agenda is being pushed.
When it comes to ballot boxes church members will have their say not influenced by who you should vote for because they were once part of our gathering once upon a time, it's about my choice not what someone says I should do.

so one doesn't have to raise his/her hopes high for that.

🙄 1 month ago

I blame the church leaders for hypocricy. They tell their followers to sheepishly vote for people like ed but do not tell ed about the truthful state of affairs in the country. They don't tell him people are suffering and he should be a loving and not a cruel leader. These leaders find comfort in those churches because their wickedness is pampered and not rebuked. Kudenga kure nema cults aya.

Gwedu 1 month ago

What prompted zanu to rig is the majority vote for zanu if majority vote for opposition zanu can't rig but opt for violence

Mina 1 month ago

Sinike amapostori amaqiye lamagumbezi

Judah jongwe 1 month ago

Guys ED kuenda kuma gatherings eku church aye is just a waste of time and money. Vanhu vaneta naye. Vanhu kuenda kumusangano vanenge va sacrificer mari hobho vamwe nezvimbadzo. Vanhu vaye vanenge vavinga church kwete rally

😎 1 month ago

munorova ani kana imbwa chaiyo haichada Ed

😎 1 month ago

munorova ani kana imbwa chaiyo haitombo muda eb

pk 1 month ago

chamisa anoswera nekuvata mugomo kudomboshawa wani. matombo haavhote. famba ed famba. 2023 toda kuvarowa ne 1% varwadziwe

Mshayazafe 1 month ago

Yes, these vapostori practise black magic they have already assured Mnangagwa of retaining the presidency, meanwhile there seems to be a storm brewing in the party, vamwe vakudawo, zve endorsements zvirikurambwa.


The Devil himself in a Panic Mode.

Yvt 1 month ago

Those fakr churchs are hypocrites, munhu anoudzwa chokwadai and yet it being proved kuti those church leaders havana kutumwa naMwari ma self appointed or worldy appointed fake ministers of the gospel vanotadza kuudza ED chokwadi, vanonyenyeredza chokwadi instead of rebuking him they shower praise on him. Woe unto him that calls bad, good.


I respect comments made by the University of Zimbabwe Lecturer, Eldred Masunungure that His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa and Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa have targeted to harvest support, especially from the Apostolic and the Pentecostal Churches.

However, not all Apostolic and Pentecostal Church attendees support the same political party as they believe in one and the only one God.

I for a very good example, I go to one these Apostolic Churches and I attended the Passover Service at St Noah on 16 July 2022, but I do not support ZANU PF. Those church gorers are full grown up citizens who also have five senses to choose the good from the trash.

The church congregants also go to different workplaces where they see how people are mishandled by the same elites who seek favours from God.

Eldred Masunungure concentrated on the elderly church attendees leaving out the youths. CCC Political Party and other opposition political parties do their campaigns through modern facilities, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. The youths are a very important political sector which political parties must capture.

Yes, opposition political parties must sit down and counter the campaign strategies which have been formulated by the First Family and ZANU PF.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Majority Rule 1 month ago

Chamisa haamanikidze vanhu,vamwe avo kudzungaira vanoti false profits n'anga,maposkido haa zvakawoma ,apavachifadzwa nenhema zvinhu zvichingodhakwa.Mapositori vakatoomerwawo neupenyu

Mupositori 1 month ago

Ngatiziveyi kuti kuenda kuchurch kuno rumbidza mwari, nekuti tisunungurwe mumweya, muupfumi, nematambudziko ese epasi pano. Tiri vanhu vari kuchema, kuchemera raramo, nesuwo tinoda zvakanakai.

Kule Dhambi 1 month ago

indai henyu asi IT WONT WORK

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