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Local Authorities Urged To Preserve Wetlands

Local Authorities Urged To Preserve Wetlands

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has called on both rural and urban local authorities to protect the country’s wetlands to ensure that they serve their purpose.

EMA provincial monitoring officer for Manicaland, Earnest Marange, said it is critical to educate local authorities and members of the public on the importance of wetlands in the ecosystem. He said:

Wetlands have come under threat in both the rural and urban areas owing to farming and construction activities.

We, therefore, would like to urge local authorities to preserve them when they do their civil planning.

Wetlands are areas that are typically areas saturated flooded by water either permanently or seasonally. 

According to an online source, the benefits of wetland include fish and wildlife habitats, natural water quality improvement, flood storage, shoreline erosion protection, opportunities for recreation and aesthetic appreciation, as well as reducing flood damage and preserving water quality.

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Makelanwi 3 months ago

MaWet lands hakusisina akapedzwa nemaLand barons.

Sangoma 3 months ago

Mdara fidza

kim luta 3 months ago

the problem z you just talk bt no action bcoz murikuona zvese zvirikuitwa nema land barrons muchitoaziva bt instead yekuva approacher munoenda ku media....dai manyarara henyuuuuuu

valembe 3 months ago

ko vanhu vari kutengesa mastands mawater lands hamusi kuvaona here makavaita apera want mawater lands muchitengesa vanhu mastands

nunu 3 months ago

srs Sangoma🤣🤣

sangoma 3 months ago

isu towaka dzimba momo

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