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Local Authorities Defy Treasury Directive On Forex Charges

Local Authorities Defy Treasury Directive On Forex Charges

Some local authorities are reportedly still charging services in foreign currency in defiance of a Government directive to charge all services in local currency.

The local authorities say they haven’t received the order from the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works to charge all services in Zimbabwe dollars.

Local Government Permanent Secretary, Zvinechimwe Churu, told Business Weekly that the Government was aware of resistance by some local authorities.

He said they will soon write letters directing local authorities to comply with the directive recently issued by Finance and Economic Development Ministry. Said Churu:

But this will be a redundant directive because the circular (Treasury) is clear and the law is clear.

Asking the ministry to issue a circular is asking for too much supervision… it’s unnecessary but we are writing (to) them.

Last week, Treasury directed all Government departments, agencies and local authorities that all their services should be charged in Zimbabwe dollars.

The Treasury can, however, grant exemptions.

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Duduzani 5 months ago

Supply volatility hounting the government

Moyo 5 months ago

Chicken fowl panic noise is what this all is. If government directed all government departments to accept local currency as tender then where's the noise coming from??
Isn't VID a government department? Ko kuma passports?? But they are taking USD payments. Ma government workers arikutochemera USD.
Between us and the government there's a fool and a lier. Us we're not the former or the latter

cde chipopi 5 months ago

ko imi hamuzive here kuti husa ndo Mari inotoita kuti City Council ikwanisewo ku runner here? Gvt ndiyo yakato dhakwa ipapa.

ery 5 months ago

registra department charges its services in forex a passport is 120usd isnt it that registra a gvnmnt entity?
transport ministry is charging in usd to get a provisional licence,booking a car at vid,clinic and general hospitals are charging 5usd consultation fee
so at th end of th day u will realise that these regime survives in lies,propaganda and it have no remorse

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