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Local Authorities Are Under Siege From Minister July Moyo - Mliswa

Local Authorities Are Under Siege From Minister July Moyo - Mliswa

Norton legislator (Independent), Temba Mliswa has said Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo was stifling local government authorities through corruption. He also said despite numeral calls, the government has not acted on reports of corruption against Moyo. He made the remarks in a series of Twitter messages in which he articulated issues overshadowing President Emmerson Mngagwagwa’s success stories. He said:

Let’s face full-on the issues plaguing us on the ground. Councils are crying out against July Moyo who has a litany of corruption charges which haven’t been pursued. Local authorities are under siege from him and nothing is moving there.

How can we keep quiet in the face of such political profligacy? We have said Devolution is the way to go and yet the Minister is hoarding and abusing power. All these are issues which are detrimental to the positives and take off the glow of achievements elsewhere.

Failure to face and speak about these is actually a travesty that is dangerous to ED. There are a lot of social issues which Gvt has failed to respond to. As I have always argued any economic progress has to be felt in the day-to-day lives of the people!

Recently, Moyo was accused of super-imposing the Pomona Waste of Energy Project deal between the Harare City Council and Geoginix BV.

The deal, which was approved by Cabinet and reportedly forced on Harare City Council by Moyo, is racking up a daily bill of US$22 000 since being penned.

Critics say Moyo was violating the Constitution which states that local government authorities are semi-autonomous.

Most urban councils are run by the opposition and Moyo’s alleged interference is reportedly meant to cause local government authorities to fail to deliver expected public goods and services.  

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stallion 1 week ago

eish recycling dead wood these people are supposed to be at old people's home now they are gvt administrators shame

Maparamuro 2 weeks ago

Councils na July Moyo vari kudya vese pamwe naIdhi wacho. The Pomona deal was approved by the councillors present at the time. It's those that were left out who cried foul.
Wake up

Lion 2 weeks ago

Ibhawa ripi rinonzi july moyo kkkk

Bhuru 2 weeks ago

Pic irrroooo

Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

They say that there is no smoke where there is no fire. I have nothing against Minister July Moyo, but I think it is high time that he is investigated. Minister Moyo interferes with council work when and as he likes. Cde Mliswa said it last time and has said it again that Minister Moyo is corrupt. He must be investigated no matter that he comes from Midlands Province.




Asalif 2 weeks ago

I once talked about devolution here because people were in a rush to blame opposition led councils but you are now hearing the complain from parliament , Central government is interfering with most of all the country's urban and rural council's business

Swagger 2 weeks ago

Guys look at that PIC tosvikepi ne chembere idzo 👆all of them over 60yrs

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