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"Loads Of Lithium At Bikita Minerals Ready For Shipping To China" - Tsenengamu

Former ZANU PF Youth League Political Commissar, Godfrey Tsenengamu has claimed that loads of lithium are being siphoned from Bikita Minerals and being shipped to China.

SinoMine, a Chinese mining company bought Bikita Minerals from shareholders including Dzikamai Mavhaire and they are reportedly pouring over US$200 million into building a new processing plant while expanding operations.

Tsenengamu who now leads the Front for Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe (FEEZ) urged President Emmerson Mnangagwa to explain if reports of looting and plunder were what he meant by “Nyika inovakwa neveno vayo” [a country is built by its own people]. He said in a Facebook post seen by Pindula News:

Loads and loads of lithium at Bikita Minerals ready for shipping to China. The Chinese are extracting lithium 24 hours a day. Ndiko kuvaka nyika kwamunotaura here uku President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa kana ndiko kutengesa nyika?? Tichasara nei senyika?? My heart is bleeding.

Pindula News contacted Justice Chinhema the General Secretary for the Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Minerals Workers Union who took the picture on Friday 17 September 2022.

He said workers at the Sino Mine allege that they were producing about 15 000 tonnes of lithium per month. He told this reporter:

We are worried, the benefit for the country is yet to be known. Job Creation when the working conditions are worse than those that prevailed before take over might mean nothing. We need to educate our communities where mining is taking place that they need to push the government to fully implement the local share ownership so that local communities benefit.

He said there must be a policy that compels investors to commit to developing areas they are conducting mining. He added:

This includes building schools, roads, bridges, hospitals and other social amenities. There must be a law that compels investors to commit to making sure communities get shares from the companies. Without this, it becomes looting.


President Mnangagwa in June commissioned the US$300m spodumene lithium project by SinoMine a Chinese company with anticipation of changing the fortunes of Bikita Minerals which has one of the largest deposits of the mineral in the world.

Bikita Minerals is Zimbabwe’s oldest miner of lithium-bearing minerals having operated in Masvingo Province for over 70 years, but has only been producing petalite, which is used mainly in the glass and ceramics industry.

Why is this important:

This is happening as the manufacture of electric vehicles has increased demand for lithium which is essential for the production of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Zimbabwe could be losing on a mineral that has the potential to turn around its fortunes.

Zimbabwe has a history of using mineral resources as collateral for loans. Critics say that’s not sustainable.

There are increased calls for African countries to start processing their natural resources to ensure they export semi-finished or finished commodities.

Pindula News

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Mdala wethu 2 months ago

ZANU PF iripo pakungo looter chete zvinhu zvinobva munyika yedu tozozvitengeserwa zvakudhura tiri kuenda kupi as zimbabweans navatungamiriri vehudzvanyiriri ava

msaigwa 2 months ago

taura hako chete vanoisapota vazhinji ma**** vanenge vachitonzi tirikukuvakirai dhamu muredze hove,ko vangaziva kuti parikucherwa lithium uye basa rayo ndereyi

Surprised Onlooker 2 months ago

Whatever is taking place under zanu pf especially today's gvt it's not right citizens are not allowed to speak you get killed if if you point at any wrong done under zanu admin ndizvo zvamakaendera kuhondo kuzoparadza nyika so.Murowa diamonds under the Indian is is also looting without paying worker their salaries it was raised by GS Vhinhema but no action was taken .A subcontract by the name Vinebist led by Pepuksi Guzha employees last got their USA salary in in June upto now employees are starving in the murowa community yet the Indians are taking the diamond to India via Namibia witch shows the authorities know what's going on.

Billy Rautenbach 2 months ago

Godfrey Tsenengamu kudoma Ini Billy mboni yeziso raED wakairasa chinun'una changu Billy muchina muhombe

ndini 2 months ago

can anyone also explain what we see happening at Boterekwa in Shurugwi. The mountain ririkupaziwa. To whose benefi?

SADC 2 months ago



Cio 2 months ago

Zvobihwa hazvoo zvee


Citizen raPep naChamisa 2 months ago

Only if these uneducated Liberation Gorillas 🦍 knew the rareness of Lithium on this planet,yakutonogadziriswa zvimahybrid cars zvawo ivo vozongopihwa on donations 😂😂ayas haa Zanu ikawinha next year uuum ndombomira kunamata

Moyo 2 months ago

Ikahwinha i am leaving for good. Imaging being 28 uchingoshingirira kuti zvichaita. Kugara munyika ine zvese but it seems its a curse have minerals.

Investigative Journo 2 months ago

Hanziiko na Godfrey Tsangamidzi.The Chinese will mine and export lithium ore up to the time a refinery is built.
The issue will be on handling of export receipts and taxes due to government.


Hold your horses Mr tsenengamu

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