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List Of High Schools Found In Zimbabwe

List Of High Schools Found In Zimbabwe

Schools are set to open on the 9th of January, yet some parents and or guardians haven’t secured places for their children. Pindula News lists below some of the High Schools found in Zimbabwe. Each school name has a link which contains details of that specific school.

For missing schools please visit High Schools Of Zimbabwe

Below is the list of High Schools in Zimbabwe, by Province. We know the list is contorted. Please assist with any corrections, updates and more information contact

Bulawayo Province (officially Bulawayo Metropolitan Province)[edit]

See File: Bulawayo Province – Secondary Schools.pdf

Harare Province (officially Harare Metropolitan Province)

See File: Harare Province – Secondary Schools.pdf

Manicaland Province

See File: Manicaland Province – Secondary Schools.pdf

Mashonaland Central Province

See File:Mashonaland Central Secondary Schools.pdf

Mashonaland East Province

See File:Mashonaland East – Secondary Schools.pdf

Mashonaland West Province

See File:Mashonaland West – Secondary Schools.pdf

Masvingo Province

See File:Masvingo Province – Secondary Schools.pdf

See Zimbabwe 2022 School Calendar. November/December 2022 Examination timetables:

See List of Secondary and High Schools in Zimbabwe and Contact Numbers. See Association of Trust Schools. See Zimbabwe Top 100 O’ Level Schools. (November 2018) See List of Universities in Zimbabwe.

Matabeleland North Province

See File:Matebeleland North – Secondary Schools.pdf

Matabeleland South Province

See File:Matebeleland South – Secondary Schools.pdf

Midlands Province

See File:Midlands Province – Secondary Schools.pdf

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3 weeks ago

Kushaya basa nenews uku.

pindula so 3 weeks ago

apa mashaya

Tintin 3 weeks ago

thanx, vbyz kartel,dott... really needs this information 😂😂😂

😂😂😂 3 weeks ago


Mudzidzisi 3 weeks ago

Sorry, they failed grade seven so they will be repeating while attending the zanu school of ideology during the holidays

Lin chun wan 3 weeks ago

pindula bho here ?😂

JMP 3 weeks ago


✔️✖️✔️✖️✔️✖️✔️✖️✔️🇿🇼 3 weeks ago

And *Rockview Academy Nyazura*

o'brien 3 weeks ago

Thnx pindula mwana wanku Tintin aripano azvionera list now we can freely choose a best school for our child.


Johanna Chibadura wekwamarange 3 weeks ago

Horayiti me my friend Pindula im thanks me im gone to school not now but back back but is brothers or sisters going day of day ahh me i drink of savana in home on others girl kkkkk

Jury 2023 3 weeks ago

Sry olive my wife I know you failed Gr7 bt u can't fail in bed.What were u thinking during the exam,I hope you were not thinking of the **** styles we would do, but I'm sorry

Mugabe 3 weeks ago


Mugabe 3 weeks ago


Anarchist 3 weeks ago

Ne zanu pf school of degenerates

Sandman 3 weeks ago

please give us an update on Job Sikhala pindula

o'brien 3 weeks ago

they are waiting for other media houses to report then copy and paste lol. If u know u know

mbuya bhemba 3 weeks ago

found guilty of treason and hanged at 1500 hrs today

3 weeks ago

St Mary Magdalene high. Nyanga

3 weeks ago

Government built all these schools on 2022

NHUBU 3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

Glenview 1 high ndiyo largest school in Zimbabwe?? Pane vakambopaenda here team?

GV 3 weeks ago

yaa sure chakakura chikoro ichocho

K****kani 3 weeks ago

Gebhuza High School in Matebeleland North ,A ZPC Hwange School is not in the list ,Pndula why??

3 weeks ago

Vene4ED High School

The Bush Doctor 👨‍🔬 3 weeks ago

Pindula should give jobs to people like Chibadura and tintin and fertilizer for mbuya bhemba. Actually you need to take Chibadura back to crèche

claire-clarisse 3 weeks ago

usarwadziwe natintin iwe🙄🙄🙄

3 weeks ago

Gibbo high. Mufakose high, chasiyatende, chiredz govt, bz benzi high, svuure high, dzoro high, chizondo high, tabudirira high, nyngambe high, south eastern, jete high a lot of ommissions

mlambo naume 3 weeks ago

Hindi handiti uripowo paurovha hwacho cz papindula uripowo

PTK 3 weeks ago

Marovha epaPindula zvikoro zvamakadzidza mese azvipo palist apa (zvikoro zvepasi pemumango)

Responsible citizen 3 weeks ago

Went to Maringove High School pa Darwendale

PTK 3 weeks ago

Vanhu vakakura vachibhadharirwa fees neBEAM vanonetsa kuda zvemahara

truth 3 weeks ago

zesa secondary school bho here

thrasher 3 weeks ago

ko St Anne's goto

taa 3 weeks ago

Mash central, Nyamatikiti and Chimhanda high xuls omitted.
Masvingo -Gwamakunguvo high omitted.
Midlands, Tongogara high left.

Vik 3 weeks ago

A lot of omissions.

3 weeks ago

Like mjolo high school

bhsn 3 weeks ago


@tee 3 weeks ago

education system in Zim is slowly deteriorating.

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

I went to Luveve High School

3 weeks ago


king nyale 3 weeks ago

many missing mberengwa schools include murerezi high school ( my former school) ,hwikwi sec ,mbuyanehanda high,chingoma high,zvomukonde high, ngungumbane adventist sec chemimwe high,marinambizi high,zvamatobwe,makuva high,mabika high,musume high,dhove sec,neta sec etc.This chegato high(my former school ) is the best mberengwa school in both academics ,sports and infrastructural development and also the biggest.Also pamababy inumber one

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