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Lion Killed After Attacking A Mbire Man

Lion Killed After Attacking A Mbire Man

The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has killed a lion after it attacked a 60-year-old Mbire man on Friday, according to ZBC News.

James Zingundu of Angwa, Mbire district died on Friday morning following an attack as he was walking from one village to another.

Mbire resident James Vhadhiyo told the ZBC News that Zingundu was searching for construction material at around 6 am on Friday when the incident occurred.

ZIMPARKS and Mbire Rural District Council reacted and killed the lion with ZIMPARKS spokesperson, Mr Tinashe Farawo confirming the incident. He is quoted as saying:

I can confirm an unfortunate incident in which a Mbire villager was mauled by a lion. It’s unfortunate more lives continue to be lost. The Zimparks reaction team was on the ground and it managed to eliminate the problem animal. We are encouraging our communities to remain calm; we are on the ground. We continue to do our campaigns to say let’s minimise movement at night.

This year alone, 35 people lost their lives due to wildlife with the growing elephant population being one of the major causes of human-wildlife conflict.

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Citizen raPep naChamisa 4 months ago

Hayas,Mbire irkutoda kunetsa.ndiko futy kwakawanikwa Mbirenasaurus 🦕 😂😂

HBK 4 months ago

R. I. P uncle Jimmy, but I don't understand why this Mbire community choose to stay in that dangerous jungle.....should we expect wild animals to behave like domestic ones!

So sad hey 4 months ago


Og 4 months ago

Hanzi we encourage people not to move around night uyo akarumwa kuma 6am


Citizens mourn together with James Zingundu's family who was mauled by a lion while he was walking in the forest.

Usually lions do not start by attacking people. They start by attacking domesticated animals like dogs, goats, sheep, cattle, etc. It looks as if ZIMPARKS reaction team did not react in time to domesticated animals attack and only reacted in double quick time after the attack on James Zingundu.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

factos 4 months ago

In every article, i know there's the Bush Lawyer for the summary

HBK 4 months ago

@Og........ndiwo mastatements avo iwawo zvaora zvinhu izvi zvese zvotanga naZ......Zimparks, Zimsec, Zrp...... Etc

Zuze 4 months ago

ZNA, Zimpapers, ZBC, ZTV, Zinangagwa, Zitsvangwa, Zigouveia....

lady ju 4 months ago



Andre 4 months ago

I had someone saying u look the lion in it's eyes it will not attack you.

NHUBU 4 months ago

yes yes yes

Shumba 4 months ago

Zviyedze uwone kuti zvinoshanda here

creed 4 months ago

wakambotarisa food ukasaidya here ...

Nimrod 4 months ago

Very poor journalism. The heading should capture the important issue. ls it the death of the lion or the death of the human being which is important? Surely the killing of the lion is a secondary issue and the heading should have been something like: Mbire man mauled to death by rogue Lion or something like that

*** 4 months ago

Well said Nimrod

pk 4 months ago

killing of Jimmy was referred as an unfortunate incident???

Tintin 4 months ago

good eye...we need more like you on this platform.

Ginious 4 months ago

pochers must be arrested why are they allowing high elephant population.

Tintin 4 months ago

😂😂😂 what an intelligent joke.

Ankol G 4 months ago

Pamwe ankol Jimmy vaida kutopoacher

Anonymous 4 months ago

But why did they kull the lion, dai vakangoidzosera mu park hayo, haina mhosva yayakapara kaiyi. Its nature

chris 3 months ago

it is said once it has attacked a human haichadzoreki. inoramba yodzokorora

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