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Lifting Of FIFA Sanctions On Zimbabwe Not A Priority - SRC

Lifting Of FIFA Sanctions On Zimbabwe Not A Priority - SRC

The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) has reiterated that it is not their priority to lobby for the lifting of Zimbabwe’s FIFA suspension.

In a statement released on Saturday, 10 September 2022, SRC said its focus is on the implementation of far-reaching fundamental reforms in local football which include the crafting of a new ZIFA constitution in December and the holding of elections in 2023. Pindula News is publishing the SRC statement below:


On the 7th September 2022, the Sports and Recreation Commission (“SRC”), the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) and the ZIFA Restructuring Committee (“Restructuring Committee’) met for the first time since the suspension of the ZIFA Executive Committee by the SRC in November 2021.

The purpose of the meeting was, in the first instance, to receive an update from ZIFA regarding the implementation of certain conditions to which the lifting of the suspension of the ZIFA Executive Committee on 8th June 2022, was subject to.

Secondly, the meeting provided an opportunity for BDO Chartered Accountants to provide a progress report on the forensic audit that they are presently carrying out on the financial affairs of ZIFA.

Lastly, the Restructuring Committee gave an update on the progress it has made in discharging the tasks forming a part of its terms of reference.

For its part, the SRC outlined its expectations for parties to start to put into place an agreed framework populated by specific tasks and deadlines (‘Implementation Matrix’) regarding matters agreed as requiring reform.

In this respect, it was noted and agreed in principle that: –

1. The BDO forensic audit report will be availed at the end of September 2022. Presently, certain of the current and former members of the ZIFA Executive Committee, as well as the General Secretary, have been asked by BDO to provide clarity and insight into certain transactions relating to the finances of ZIFA. These responses are the main outstanding issues before the report is finalized.

2. Likewise, the Restructuring Committee expects to complete its findings and final recommendations to the SRC within a period that will allow ZIFA members in a general meeting to consider the same for adoption. The recommendations will form the basis of the implementation Matrix; it being noted that the Restructuring Committee submitted its preliminary findings to the SRC in August 2022

3. Upon the submission of the final BDO forensic audit report as well as that of the Restructuring Committee, ZIFA shall convene an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) of its members to consider the same. It is the expectation of the SRC that this EGM takes place in the month of October 2022.

4. Thereafter, the issues adopted during the EGM will form the basis of the Implementation Matrix (with times and deadlines for the discharge of agreed reform goals). This matrix will be made available to FIFA and CAF.

5. The same Implementation Matrix as well as the full details of the BDO forensic report and the findings and recommendations of the restructuring committee will be made available to the public in line with the SRC’s previous undertaking in this respect.

6. A key component of the Implementation Matrix is the adoption of a new constitution by the members of ZIFA in December 2022, after which and subject to the provisions of the new constitution, the holding of new elections from grassroots structures to the Executive Committee level in early 2023.

7. SRC reiterated that it was not the Commission’s priority to lobby for the lifting of ZIFA’s suspension as a member of FIFA. Its focus was on the implementation of far-reaching fundamental reforms in the administration of football in Zimbabwe.

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Moyo 4 months ago

Stop politicising and dragging feet on this issue... That's the problem with giving people posts in football who were never football players.
Busy taking away future of talented young players who could have been seen in this football calender on regional or international games. Implement reforms and get back on track. Simple

Doug 4 months ago

Sacrificing the joy of millions of football lovers by letting time take care of one person! This happens when issues to do with the public are taken personally, and the public is always the loser.

Mafirakureva 4 months ago

@Moyo and @Doug, kumhanya hakusi kusvika. Its better to take Time to sort out the administration of soccer in this country and get it right than to worry about public enjoyment of mediocre football and worry about mediocrity soccer players. Look at Brazil, where because football is in the DNA they are always in every world cup. Name two current World class players in Zimbabwe and you will be hard placed to gond one half as good as Mo Salah.

Moyo 4 months ago

Like i said they should implement the reforms they want as soon as possible. Otherwise we could go another year without any participation in football.
Mind you we need the funds from FIFA and CAF.
Its not about having world class players but our players getting exposure in international games. A year without football in a football player's career is a long time.
They wont get any international minutes.
Try playing that player against a Cameroonian who has been getting some game time against different opponents. (Get the point??)

jojola 4 months ago

are they aware that they have shut other people's careers because of egocentrism? this a good example of criminal abuse of office by whoever is leading this SRC

Hondoyedzomba 4 months ago

unobva watongoona kuti kana kumba kwaro zibaba iri kunoitwa mahumbwe chaiwo, ndotype inokwirorwa vakadzi nemaGarden boy iyi nekuzungaira

blair jnr 4 months ago

lifting of sanctions on Zanu pee efu not a priority. they should reform first


Let us hope that SRC is doing things which will help Zimbabwe to raise the standard of our football in future.

The standard of our soccer had become stagnant. We went many times to football tournaments in Africa. We performed lukewarmly and became punching bags of other countries. The standard was not upto scratch.

To confirm to citizens of this country that SRC did not waste our game time, Felton Kamambo's administration must be brought to book. SRC must prove to the nation that they did not suspend ZIFA administration on personal traits or hatred.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI


John 4 months ago

That's a step in the right direction there. Them boys have never won anything in their lives.

Crocodile 4 months ago

Aah kutaura kwemunhu ari kubasa ko vanorarama nebhora vozodii uye tine talent hobho rinosimudzirwa sei aah kupenga chaiko

Cde hondo 4 months ago

As long as mukuwasha is src president... No progress. Tezvara vauraya nyika mukuwasha auraya bhora.... Ndechemumba

Biden 4 months ago

So what are you restructuring if Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 cant play, Kenyans have eaten the humble pie and reinstated their FA boss, without kamambo you are wasting your time

Phidza 4 months ago

In my opinión kunhingi kwenyu vána nhingi muchatishaiyisa mufaro

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