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Liberation Struggle Heroine Noko Says "Everyone Fought For This Country"

Liberation Struggle Heroine Noko Says

Former Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA) instructor, Grace Ethel Noko has bemoaned the politicisation of the national heroes’ status saying “everyone fought for this country”.

She also expressed concern over the “trend” whereby some liberation war fighters are being rewarded handsomely while their colleagues continue to wallow in poverty. She told

Everyone is a hero. I cannot say we are enjoying at the moment because the situation we are in now in the country is not what we fought for. We could be better than this if we really meant to a build real Zimbabwe for Africans, but at the moment even if we are being given the little as war veterans I cannot buy anything.

I think you can even see that my body does not reflect someone who is sitting pretty or who is really happy. We are suffering in our own Zimbabwe which we fought for.

Most of them were also allocated farms while female cadres like myself do not own anything.

The idea of a National Heroes’ Acre, from an individual point of view, is alright for historical purposes, but I still take it to say someone should be laid to rest at his or her home or people. Now that there is this Heroes Acre, that is where you find the segregation because real heroes are not taken to that place.

At the moment, we are told that it’s only from a Colonel and above who should lie at the national shrine or someone who should be accorded that status by the President. Everyone fought for this country.

We cannot say someone fought above others because you cannot fight a struggle alone

Noko who comes from the Halisupi area in Gwanda district, crossed into Botswana in 1975 together with her nephew and two other youths from the same locality before they were taken to Nampundwe Transit Camp in Zambia.

She said she was only 15 years old when she left the country.

Her nom de guirre was Grace Muchichi. She trained many fighters including the late Brigadier General Sibusiso Moyo.

She was part of a group that was sent to Cuba for military intelligence training in 1977 and upon her return to Zambia in September 1978, she was deployed at the ZAPU headquarters in Lusaka where she worked under the late Vice-President, John Landa Nkomo.

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Steven Chidhumo 1 month ago

Nhai Pindula users murikuona ma comments aiswa nevamwe or Pindula yakuita zveguka

Gwedu 1 month ago

Vaya vanoida thread isina musoro ....links and codes ndovanenge vabviswa. Vanenge vatumwa ne zanu

Duduzani 1 month ago

They are removing comments deliberately

1 month ago

Don't know why they are deleting these comments .

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

This Hero and we fought thing is cause of our suffering, those who fought were rewarded and we should move on.
people are looting hiding behind hero status...

Terrace Watch Dog 1 month ago

Cde Noko sentments are very true every Zumba who was in the rural areas had acontribution in this war of liberation I was 13-14 by then we participated with my friend from Ntepe of Gwanda and we devulged a plot that could have caused so many deaths at Kamota base in mberengwa but up-to-date even a peace of a garden I don't have theits painfullmy big sister.

Gwedu 1 month ago

Problem kunoda kutaura nekuti hamusi kudya, iyezvi kungonzi oooo makutonyatarara. You nnleed to talk all the time. But don't worry we are going to liberate this country for the second time. This time it will be inhouse war


MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

Yeah sure zvinonzwisa tsitsi asi you caused this to yourselves. Munenge makaendera kuhondo kuti imi moga mudye muchifara nemhuri dzenyu. Isu taifunga murikurwira kusunungura nyika nyambisirwa maida tunonaka manje turikumoriwa nevarefu refu

mwenewazvo 1 month ago

kkkkkkk comment section inondinakidza hangu,meno sei pindula iri kubvisa mamwe macomments

cde Muzarabani 1 month ago

politics kuitisana ambuyah. Kuitisana hakuna kutanga nhasi. Panguva iyoyo ndimi maito itiswa. Zimbabwe will never be free under the leadership of black Africans esp these so called heroes.

cde Muzarabani 1 month ago

politics kuitisana ambuyah. Kuitisana hakuna kutanga nhasi. Panguva iyoyo ndimi maito itiswa. Zimbabwe will never be free under the leadership of black Africans esp these so called heroes

cde chipopi 1 month ago

Without varungu muma systems edu. All will be just jokes kkk munhu mutema haagone ku runner gvt it's too complicated for him

1 month ago

U defeatist. Persimist . How long did it take the first world countries to be what they are today ? How many forms of governance did they try to find out what works for them ? How old is Zimbabwe ? How old is the oldest sovereign state in Africa ? We will get it right in time as long as we have faith in ourselves and in the creator. We are a young nation . We haven't outgrown our flaws (Mugabe's Cronies)

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