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Level 2 COVID-19 Lockdown Extended

Level 2 COVID-19 Lockdown Extended

President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Tuesday extended the Level Two national COVID-19 lockdown by a further two weeks.

There were no further relaxations of the lockdown measures as the Government seeks to control social contact while increasing the pace of the national vaccination programme.

The third wave has been put under control but authorities are wary of a fourth wave considering that each wave of coronavirus infections is longer and worse than the previous.

Addressing the media last night after yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa announced the continuation of the lockdown under the current measures. She said:

Cabinet would also like to announce the extension of the Level 2 lockdown by an additional two weeks to enable all to heighten vaccination uptake in order to protect the nation against a possible fourth wave of the pandemic.

Mutsvangwa added that while the pandemic remained under control, there is a need for the public to remain vigilant to avert a spike in new infections. She said:

In general, therefore, this indicates that the national response measures instituted by Government continue to pay off and that the pandemic is being brought under control.

Government, nonetheless, continues to call upon citizens to strictly observe the national and World Health Organisation (WHO) COVID-19 protocols as well as to get vaccinated to prevent a 4th wave of the COVID-19 outbreak.

On vaccines, Mutsvangwa revealed that to date, the Government has imported more than 13 million doses. She said:

On the procurement of vaccines, it is advised that 435 600 doses were received on 5 November 2021, bringing the cumulative number of vaccines received to date to 13 258 000 doses.

Government takes this opportunity to assure the nation that most of the country’s vaccines still have some years to go before expiration.

To date, more than 3.5 million people have received the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, while more than 2.7 million others have been fully vaccinated.

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Siponono 6 months ago

Ndozvakaita munhu akanaka here izvozvo. Iwo mazi "body filler" akanamirwa kumeso nezvi make-up izvo ingadzi beauty here nhai vanhu ?

Chatunga 6 months ago

Sponono, Sponono iwe Sponono. Ukuti munhu aka plastwa here uyu? Sponono unodenha iwe. Kana kuti uri kuti icrack filler? Sponono

pasi ne zanu pf 6 months ago

tokurovai neshamu ine munyuuuu

Chahototo 6 months ago

Lockdown ipi warikutya ma by-elections ne misangano ye MDC alliance kuti isaitwe zvakanaka.#ngaapinde zvake mkomana...

Jb 6 months ago

Which lockdwn ?


Real mbada 6 months ago

Ana musoro bhangu

Sir king dejavu wejecha 6 months ago

Ngavangoti border ne marally e mdc ndozviri pa lockdown chete

Matauriri Webato 6 months ago

Hongu taona zvakakodzera kuisa MDC ALLIANCE nenyanya dzayo under a further 2 weeks of lockdown. Mungatidii?
Uyo ati Monica akanaka padzasi Apo: haurevi nhema.

Pasi nemhanduuuuuuuu.

Hombokororo 6 months ago

Monica akanakaa vakomanaaa uuuum chisekuru chigere ichiii

Solola 6 months ago


Chamangwiza 6 months ago

Kkk and here I thought I was the only one who saw that

Gabadela 6 months ago

Lockdown yakapera was iyi aaah. Munogarepi ko imi

Forgotten 6 months ago

Lockdown ichiriko ????

Mr Ndhlumbi 6 months ago

Ndezvekupenga izvi level 2 yei

jombo 6 months ago

Hatichatombozviziva isu

MuGrade 2 6 months ago

Forgotten about lockdown months ago...

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