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Less Than 1.5 Million Learners Register For BEAM

Less Than 1.5 Million Learners Register For BEAM

The Government has expressed concern over the slow uptake of funds meant for pupils from economically disadvantaged families under the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM) meant to cater for their fees.

The Government is targeting 1.5 million learners across the country’s ten provinces but the number of those who have registered under BEAM falls short of the target.

In 2021, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Paul Mavima announced the expansion of BEAM to buying school uniforms, paying examination fees and stationery for the learners who would have qualified. Previously, BEAM was limited to tuition fees.

Speaking to The Sunday News on Friday, Mavima said he could not readily provide the figures of those who had registered so far.

He, however, confirmed that the Government had not reached its target under the programme amid indications that the late start of the new school calendar may have contributed to the low number of learners who have registered under the facility. Said Mavima:

We are coming out of COVID-19, which is part of the main reason, there was a late start to the new school calendar so the registration is still ongoing.

Part of it also needs us to embark on information dissemination about the availability of the resource.

There are allegations of corruption in the awarding of funding for learners, with some teachers and officials accused of registering their children ahead of those genuinely in need.

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Jojo tank 2 months ago

just avail free education from primary to secondary....period.

sarah 2 months ago

in as much as we appreciate this gesture by the govt. it however is being made political.
it's sad that most children who deserve to be on beam are being left out because their parents do not support a certain political party.
Zimbabwe let's grow up..let's change this idiology..
Isn't we are all Zimbabweans after all

inini 2 months ago

Dai vaizviita advetise patv neparadio vopa vanhu number dzekufona for complaining. some pple variko pakuipisa zvinhu zvakanaka.

kuwadzana 1 2 months ago

after refusing us to beam they are pushing for a school fees too up $9000. We're not sure if this school is nologer a government school.

The Ajudicator 2 months ago

The selection criteria is a bit biased and in most cases it's politically based.Some leaders in the community provide a list of supposedly beneficiaries of the project based on yo political affiliation and this is done secretly.So for one to just go ahead schools and ask for the support becomes a tall order.


🙄 2 months ago

It is true that some people, teachers and social work officers are making it difficult for some guardians or parents to enrol their children.

I was at a certain school, weeks back, and had some mothers and grandmothers being scolded by a teacher and social work representative (who happens to also be the chairman of zanupf in the area). They were being told (publicly) things like nekusvika kwamakaita uku motadza kubhadharira vana fees and saka imi kuunganidza vazukuru muchisiya vana vachibara so kugona kuchengeta).
Actually, a couple of guardians left without registering their kids. I assumed there was a limited number of spaces or kids to be enrolled.

nesi 2 months ago

we r being turned away with the same reason yekt mukadzimukuru kdaikutadza bhadariramwana fees nekunyara tovhatadzokera kudzmba dzedu

kuwadzana 1 2 months ago

this is what exactly happened pa Kuwadzana 3 primary school.
to add more hanzi ma forms apera endai mono photocopy.
wadzoka kwonzi tavhara.As if the money yacho ndeyavo .
government is being let down by this **** pple hapana munhu anoitira Patience zvakadaro .
I was very frustrated and left home.

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