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Leaked Phone Call Recording Suggests ZCTU Elections Were Rigged

Leaked Phone Call Recording Suggests ZCTU Elections Were Rigged

A leaked call between Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions’ (ZCTU) new Secretary-General Runesu Dzimiri and an unidentified member of the association’s electorate suggests that he bribed his way into office.

ZCTU conducted its 9th elective conference in Harare from the 27th to the 29th of October 2021.

In the audio below, an unidentified caller is heard offering his vote and promising to rally his colleagues behind Dzimiri, but disputes the US$180 offer because it was “too little”. Said the caller:

We will vote for you for the deputy SG post.

Dzimiri responded suggesting that he will address the caller’s grievances. He said:

Ok let me get hold of Chi(inaudible) and see what I can do.

The caller then responded saying “Sort it out, that is very little money. Call me when you have everything in order, so we vote for you, you get your post and we go home, US$180 is very little money as of August.

Dzimiri promised to act on it adding “I understand, it indeed is very little money, let me get back to you.”

Dzimiri belongs to newly elected ZCTU president Florence Taruvinga’s faction.

Taruvinga attained 86 votes to defeat outgoing president Peter Mutasa who polled 59 votes, and Zimbabwe Amalgamated Railways Union (ZARU) leader Kamurai Moyo who got 43 to land the post.

A day before the election, reported some $30 million of Sakunda Holdings funds was used to fund Taruvinga’s presidential bid ahead of the congress as Zanu PF made a last-ditch attempt to claim the country’s biggest and most influential labour movement.

Some members are said to have been offered as much as US$300 to throw their votes in favour of the Zanu PF aligned faction. 

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John Gwata 9 months ago

All those leaders that were bribed sold out on the individual bodies and workers that they represented in ZCTU and for as long as the new leaders remain in power, these members are bound to follow their instructions. It means zvido zvevakuru not zvema workers ndozvichatewedzerwa. So workers don't have any representatives any more.

jombo 9 months ago

Obvious kaMuZimbabwe kuti uhwine unoita vote buying ZANU or MDC its the same

MuGrade 2 9 months ago

Everywhere in e world

cleophas chimbira 9 months ago

Zimbabwe haina munhu anomirira vashandi

Mr ndhlumbi 9 months ago

Corruption in the society. Who will guard the guards. Shame on this trade union

Greedy 9 months ago

So Stop Contributions and have a new organisation kkkkk

RG 9 months ago

🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 money

MuGrade 2 9 months ago

Vote buying is done by any candidate, it's not rigging..


Jean 9 months ago

Suffer country Zimbabwe

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