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Leaked Audio Reveals ZANU PF Plans To Disrupt Chamisa Rally

Leaked Audio Reveals ZANU PF Plans To Disrupt Chamisa Rally

Plans by suspected ZANU PF members to sabotage Citizens Coalition for Change’s (CCC) first-star rally in Harare on Sunday have been exposed in leaked audio.

Several members of the ruling party could be heard planning to use ZANU PF Harare provincial structures to book Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfields where CCC leader Nelson Chamisa is scheduled to address his supporters.

One of the officials from a ZANU PF WhatsApp group said:

Junta you are in the province (Harare). Why can you not let the District Coordinating Committee (DCC) do the job since it reports directly to Harare province? Let us follow party protocol.

A woman suggested booking Zimbabwe Grounds if the Citizens Coalition for Change has not yet done so. She said:

There is no need to send someone. We just need to liaise with PISI (Police Internal Security and Investigation) officials and find out if the CCC people have booked the venues (Zimbabwe Grounds and Zororo Centre) already.

If not then we can simply counter the booking and we are done!

A third person emphasised the importance of following party protocol but was fully supportive of the idea of booking Zimbabwe Grounds ahead of CCC, if possible. He said:

I have another idea. I do not know if Mr Gomwe (Godwin – vice-chairperson Harare province) or somebody is here.

I am just thinking if it will work out or not. These people are saying Zororo Centre grounds behind the Zimbabwe Grounds.

I am not sure if they have already made a booking of the Zimbabwe Grounds and the centre.

If they have not booked, we can simply go and make our booking ahead of them (CCC).

Can we send someone to check if a booking has already been done? If not, then we can book for our own meeting to counter them.

But it is tricky to have our own meeting there because we have our big shots, so protocol has to be followed.

Our party respects protocol. Let us get a green light from the bosses first.

I believe Mr Gomwe is in this group so let us hear what he has to say.

Contacted for comment by New Zimbabwe on the ZANU PF plan to sabotage the opposition party’s rally, CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said:

That is clear evidence that ZANU PF is in panic mode and scared stiff of the Yellow Machine.

Nothing can stand in the way or an idea whose time has come.

Last Saturday ZANU PF launched its national by-election campaign at Epworth High School in Harare while the MDC-T led by Douglas Mwonzora also held a rally at Zororo Grounds in Highfields.

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