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LEAD President Linda Masarira Writes Letter To President Mnangagwa

LEAD President Linda Masarira Writes Letter To President Mnangagwa

The president of the opposition Labour, Economists Afrikan Democrats (LEAD) party, Linda Masarira, has written an open letter to President Emmerson Mnangagwa urging his government to fix the transport challenges. Commuters have since 2020, when private-owned commuter omnibuses (kombis) were banned from the roads, been spending hours in queues waiting for their turn to be ferried to work or home. The situation seems to have gotten worse in recent weeks amid reports that some owners of the ZUPCO-contracted kombis were withdrawing their vehicles due to delays in payment f what’s due to them. Parliament has since Local government minister July Moyo to give a ministerial statement on the state of the public transport system in the country. In her letter to the President, Masarira suggests that ZUPCO efforts to ease the situation were ineffective. She wrote:

The clampdown on private transport operators in Harare has worsened the transport crisis in the Capital City. While government has procured buses to ease the transport woes, the situation has remained the same.

In my opinion there seems to be unstrategic deployment of ZUPCO buses to the areas which necessarily don’t need them, which can be serviced by private transport operators. In the meantime, as we aspire to fix the transport challenges, it is imperative that most buses be deployed in the Capital City.

Secondly, private transport operators contracted to ZUPCO should be paid their money on time. Delays in payment will lead to frustrations resulting in withdrawal of their services. They become the very people who are subjected to the unsustainable clampdown.

In the spirit of leaving noone behind, we implore the government to ensure that private players with buses at Zupco are paid on time. There is really no wisdom in denying the commuting public fast and efficient transport service.

Information Secretary, Nick Mangwana says “the government is aware of and regrets the current transport difficulties being experienced by Harare commuters and would like to assure them and the Nation that plans are underway to bring relief. Short and long-term efficient Urban Mass Transportation System solutions will be implemented.”

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Ndinombofunga kuti pamwe Nick achataura zvine musoro Mangwana

Advocate 2 weeks ago

kuPOLAD murikurongei naED wacho

Gokwe Line 2 weeks ago

They have banned private kombis kut vaise maZUPCO, Thier idea ndeyekuda kut vazot we created jobs for the so called youths bcz those buses they have bought vachatora madriver vecdidiki soon

Kanda 2 weeks ago

to my point of view the Zupco monopoly worked during lockdown days since many people were not going to work and most part of the CBD was closed only essential services were open so now business is back to normal it's now a challenge transporting the public to and from work

dex 2 weeks ago

dai vatombobvisa ban riri pama private kombis coz it's clear kuti maZupco mashoma and can't meet the demand by commuters. the ban on Kombis has cozed a rise in Mushika shikas which is putting pple in many sort of dangers

Kodo 2 weeks ago

Remember we are now leaving in a military state,,with Command everything . This operation Mushikashika is just a political thing to test civil resistance,,, to check if there is organisation or group that will resist their dictactorship in 2023

e.g john chibadura 2 weeks ago

🤔. Ok i see


Maivepi 2 weeks ago

Sis Linda ve 1million US

Machiavelli 2 weeks ago

Government has no business to do business. Leave the business of business to business.

Government should concentrate on making a conducive climate for business to thrive.
Government monopolies don't add value. All they do is to make losses which in turn have to be bailed out by taxpayers.

Government please....
Get the hell out of business
Get the hell out of transport
Her the hell out of fuel
Get the hell out of mining
Get the hell out of agriculture
Get the hell out of tourism
Government get the hell out of our hair
Get out of those lofty offices if you can't get macro-economic environment right

The Zebra 2 weeks ago

I think it may be a good idea for Zupco buses to be deployed in major cities that is Byo and Harare and allow private players to service these smaller towns.

dhuterere 2 weeks ago

ngavasiye race neinter Africa muhighway vanotsvageimo

Dhuterere 2 weeks ago

why do they strain the company with costs of contracting private players than run their fleet on local and communal routes only and leave private players for intercity routes since there is available transport already which range from private cars , trucks and a lot of bus companies which charge same price with them

Warthog 2 weeks ago

This government has no direction like street kids.

Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

ZVIPICO has few buses to service the whole of Zimbabwe. There is nowhere where buses are not needed. Remember that ZUPCO used to service Intercity routes and communal lands as well. They also want their buses too. It is myopic to say or insinuate that only HARARE is affected. Buses are required everywhere across Zimbabwe. Government is buying buses intermittently after about 6 months after the bunch which was bought last will have dwindled because of fair wear and tear or accidents. The solution is to buy 100 buses monthly for about a year. If this government can not do that then it must ship out because even if they employ someone from the moon, he will still find ZUPCO mushikashikas unmanageable. If ZUPCO can not buy enough buses, another solution is to bring back private operators.


Kodo 2 weeks ago

If they are failing to pay Rtgs to private contractor us$ yekutenga ma buses vanoiwanepi ,,they are busy looting these devils

ccc 2 weeks ago

idyaa mari yezanu wakanyarara ungadai wakapiwa yawakaramba million takatenga

ccc 2 weeks ago

idyaa mari yezanu wakanyarara ungadai wakapiwa yawakaramba million takatenga

aaaaa 2 weeks ago

kutaura chokwadi nyika yaporongwa nechihurumende chaDambudzo

Ndini Ndadaroo 2 weeks ago

ndanzwa nekurova ma CCC supporters

Bright 2 weeks ago

Unofa nekuroHwa iwe

Dhuterere 2 weeks ago

pawakati mhaa ipapo inorova Ani iwe kutsvaga kufa uku chero police ini ndodzosera

Asalif 2 weeks ago

their buses are plying intercity routes burning diesel while empty racing the like of Inter Africa and CAG while they put rotten AVM buses and a few combis which they struggle to pay on local routes but you bought the buses for local routes makutya loss vamakadzvanyirira ndovasina loss intercity transport yakawandisa inter Africa yoita basa rei anongomhanya asina vanhu and muroad haamire kutakura vanhu just burning diesel and diffs period they have coaches which ply very long distances is that local transportation imagine Chipinge-Gokwe , Harare - Beit bridge, Harare - Bulawayo more over charge same price with private players ngaabve muhighway aende kulocal Zupco we know operate rural areas and local routes Chasara kuita crossborder vanhu vakazara paCopa cabbana

Purse 2 weeks ago

Muri weyellow here amai

asi 2 weeks ago

never expect my vote sister. Dai watomuudza kut risaina coz ED haana zvaachagona kugadzirisa munyika. arikutowedzera kuuraya nyika

Loyal & Patriotic Citizen 2 weeks ago

You should have told him to resign. He's not capable of transforming the country from poverty. Looting varikuinyanya vakuru ava. Plus atichada kutongwa nechembere. Yakuda kutungamirwa nevechidiki kwete hari dzofanzirofa!!!

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