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Lawyers Threaten To Have Mahachi’s SA Work Permit, Citizenship Cancelled

Lawyers Threaten To Have Mahachi’s SA Work Permit, Citizenship Cancelled

Lawyers representing Maritha Ndlovu, the ex-wife of Kudakwashe Mahachi in the assault and maintenance case against the footballer, have threatened to escalate the situation to another level.

The lawyers are contemplating approaching the South African Home Affairs Ministry to have Mahachi’s work permit and citizenship revoked.

Ndlovu has engaged South African law firm Marweshe Attorneys, seeking maintenance for the three children she has with Mahachi.

She also wants the Warriors star to pay damages caused by physical assault from an alleged incident in 2015. The letter, seen by Soccer24, read:


1. We refer to the above matter and confirm that we act on behalf of Ms Marita Ndlovu (“Our Client”).

2. It is our instructions that you have failed in paying reasonable maintenance to the three children that you have fathered with our client. The children are Delish Mahachi who is 6 years old and Diego Mahachi who is 4 years old.

3. We are further instructed that on the 19th of June 2019, you coerced our client into entering into some agreement purportedly a maintenance agreement pertaining to your children.

3.1 In terms of this agreement, you committed to pay the sum of R3000. 00 monthly, groceries and accommodation rent. Unless the contrary is proven, the sum encapsulated in the agreement is completely unreasonable and illogical given your income and lifestyle.

4. In particular, we are instructed that:

4.1 On the 29th of May 2015 in a house you lived in with our client, you physically assault our client in front of the children. We point to this particular incident due to the fact that this left our client with a fractured left arm. The injury is still a massive problem for our client to this day as she cannot afford the necessary medical operation.

4.2 We have been furnished with the recordings confirming the incident and medical records that corroborate the allegation of physical abuse, assault and injuries.

4.3 Our client opened a criminal case against you in Zimbabwe for physical abuse. This also is supported by evidence in our position as well.


5. In the premises, we are instructed to convey the following demands:

5.1 Pay the maintenance henceforth of the sum of R50 000. 00 in respect of the two minor children. The first payment is to be urgently paid within two (2) days of the service of this letter.

5.2 Formulate an undertaking to pay for all the medical expenses and medication in respect of the injuries suffered by our client due to your attack and abuse.

5.3 Pay damages for the sum of R2.5 million for the pain and suffering including emotional trauma inter alia.

6. Should you fail to comply with our client’s demand as set out in this letter, our instruction is not limited to the following:

6.1 Petition the Department of Home Affairs to revoke your work permit and or citizenship as your abusive modus operandi infringes on the conditions of such permits inter alia.

6.2 Open a criminal case against you urgently for further investigations, arrest and prosecution.

Ndlovu also accuses Mahachi of scalding one of the children, Diego (4), with boiling water, a matter which is before Zimbabwean courts.

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Hallmark 3 weeks ago

Confused lawyers and their client,

Hi 3 weeks ago


Cash Talker 3 weeks ago

It sounds so **** to hear this Maritha Ndlovu at this hour reporting a case which she claims occurred in 2015. My sister there is nothing of this sort, rather you're just jeolas that Kuda is happily married now. All you want to do is to destroy his marriage, you aren't ashamed ****. Where on this earth can you demand R2.5 million rands and R50 k for mmaintenance, awulanhloni shame.

Tee malt 3 weeks ago

But if the lawyers want his permit cancelled,how then is Mahachi going to support and maintain his minors.Maritha should be careful in all these claims by her lawyers for at the end the lawyers will claim big for the case

Taďzwi Blessing 3 weeks ago



Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

These demands by the lawyers are tantamount to blackmail and judicial harassment. Much as I have no sympathy for Mahachi, I find the demands under paragraph 6 totally obnoxious, irreverent and despicable.

Mwakusha 3 weeks ago


Mwakusha 3 weeks ago

And that's how the cookie crumbles!! The towel will come down tumbling

Nyamuteyi Takateya 3 weeks ago

Hazvipere mushe apa sezvo paine dziva pane rimwe rinonyura chete

ABSA 3 weeks ago

MAHACHI soon you'll be bankrupt,kunonzi kuiswa pa corner chaipo

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