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Lawyers Move To Stop Mudzi Council From Demolishing Villagers’ Home For Road Construction

Lawyers Move To Stop Mudzi Council From Demolishing Villagers’ Home For Road Construction

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) have asked the Mudzi Rural District Council (MRDC) to stop demolishing some villagers’ homesteads in the area in order to pave way for the construction of a road.

The MRDC in Mashonaland East province recently engaged the state-owned Central Mechanical Equipment Department (CMED) to construct an alternative road at the edge of one couple, the Chirambadeya’s property.

In the process, the CMED encroached onto the couple’s piece of land.

In February 2021, the Chirambadeya family invested over US$1 500 in the construction of their property on their piece of land.

The couple attempted to stop CMED by writing a letter of complaint to the MRDC registering their displeasure over the manner in which the local authority had commenced construction.

They also protested that none of the legal formalities required before a person can be dispossessed of their property were followed.

While the MRDC undertook to “investigate the matter appropriately to address the situation” and provide feedback to the family, the CMED returned and continued with the construction of the road thereby causing more damage to the couple’s property.

The couple then engaged Agnes Muzondo, from the ZLHR, who has since written to the MRDC demanding the local authority to stop all construction on the family’s homestead.

Muzondo warned that she will seek a legal remedy that will claim damages for all the losses which the Mudzi family has suffered if the local authority proceeds with the construction of the road.

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Uthando Graca Mlambo 6 months ago

Get an urgent court order to stop such,dont waste time threatening to sue!

Lovemore Ncube 6 months ago

No rights for communal lands Title deeds are the only answers otherwise your investments not secure

Marembe 6 months ago

That's quite unfair, proper procedures should have been met. Such issues should be dealt with meticulously otherwise we keep watering that evil tree of corruption where interested parties connive with those in power. It should stop. For how long shall the poor remain oppressed. Zvanyanya

CzaryMangule 6 months ago

Are you saying, if u don't have title deeds as sole community resident u have to lose ur property?

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