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Lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa Weeps As Warrant Of Arrest Is Issued For Marry Mubaiwa

Lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa Weeps As Warrant Of Arrest Is Issued For Marry Mubaiwa

Award-winning Zimbabwean lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa, wept in front of cameras on Friday while explaining how rotten the Justice system in Zimbabwe is after a court issued a warrant of arrest for Marry Mubaiwa for failing to climb court stairs.

Mubaiwa, a former model, is being accused of attempting to kill her ex-husband, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga. She denies the charges and claims that the former military boss manufactured the charges to find an excuse for divorce. Watch the video below in which Mtetwa gives a court update. Credit AMH.

Marry who is a former wife to former Warriors striker Shingirai Kawondera Friday failed to attend court proceedings despite being at the courts as she was too ill to leave her vehicle.

The presiding magistrate issued her a warrant of arrest for failing to climb the stairs to the courtroom.

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The magistrate was convinced Mary Mubaiwa was feigning illness.

But what do doctors say ? The magistrate must base his decision on the doctor's report. In the court of public opinion Mary is ill.

We have not been updated whether she is at Chikurubi or not.

Last time citizens were told that her lawyer had argued that Zimbabwe courts were incompetent to try an attempted murder case which occurred in South Africa. This was a legally good argument. We did not hear what the court said in its ruling.

The problem with our judiciary these days is that politicians throw spanners into the engine.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Machiavelli 1 week ago

There are plenty Learned Colleagues here. I wasn't picking up a quarrel with @William...
We ate in agreement, only differing on minor points or technicalities.

@Worzell, thank you for elucidation. Team Yellow inodadisa because chikoro chirikuoneka

Worzell Gummidge 1 week ago

@Machiavelli. Please pardon the Bush Lawyer. He often enunciates ''Law of the Jungle''. The jungle from whence he attained his Bachelor of Bush Laws degree (LBBs) The State Prosecutors are procedurally empowered to do an inspection in loco - i.e; go to a scene of the crime or any other place to see for themselves & draw their own conclusions. State prosectotors could have gone to the Accussed person'd car, and upon sayisfying themselves that Marry is unfit to stand trial, they would not oppose extension of Marry's remand. Even the courts' Bailiff could have done the inspection. In the worst case scenario, the Magistrate should have issued an Administrative Warrant of Arrest, which allows the accussed person to go & seek medical treatment within a specific period of time. After that specific period, the Warrant can be executed if the accussed does present herself before the court.

Anyway, it appears the good VP / rtd General was already in another relationship when he fell ill. The speed at which he remmarried a new spouse before finalisation of his court cases speaks volumes.

Machiavelli 1 week ago

@BushLawyer, if you listened to Beatrice Mtetwa in the video,  you would have learnt that Marry Mubaiwa was sitting in a car, in the car park just outside the court building.  It didn't require a  doctor to certify Marry's inability to climb the stairs to court, and as Beatrice indicated Marry was so incapacitated that she succumbed incontinence and soiled herself in the car because she couldn't even go to the toilet.
Beatrice had respectfully requested the court to go down to the car and assess Marry's condition and the (S.T.U.P.I.D.) Magistrate refused. Yet the magistrate went on to issue a warrant of arrest. 

This by any stretch of imagination is NOT the Court of Public Opinion. It is a fact that Marry is I'll. To any reasoning person,  this is a travesty of justice,  and for Beatrice to break down and cry during a press conference says it all.

THIS COUNTRY HAS GONE TO THE DOGS.  And in saying so I feel sad to be insulting dogs.

Nyoka Longo 1 week ago

This woman is having it rough because of her alleged tampering with life saving machines in a South African hospital when the retired General and now VP was indisposed.
And to imagine her dances to Jah Prayzahs' "Kutonga Kwaro" when the climate was still good. This is payback time for her

Omar 1 week ago

They say greed is one of the 7 deadly sins

parasite 1 week ago

Guys zvakwana , General vanoda kutambudza mukadzi uyu kusvikepiko. Ngavachingomupisa havoka azoroore.

parasite 1 week ago

Guys zvakwana , General vanoda kutambudza mukadzi uyu kusvikepiko. Ngavachingomupisa havoka azoroore. Zvorwadza

Angry 😡 on pindula 1 week ago

You apload empty video tags with no video what the hell is that you programmers be serious if you don't know how to make it hire me

Zuze 1 week ago

Gara pasi. Hauna data

Ginious 1 week ago



Klux kk 1 week ago

The biggest mistake that Mary did was not to succeed in terminating this brutal being.

sugar boy 1 week ago

Dai akangobvisa that life saving machine panga dai pasina zvese izvi.

pk 1 week ago

Beatrice gara pasi. kune vari kutadza kuinda kumba nekuda kwenzara. uyo zvake anotadza kukwira masteps asi achibhadhara lawyer atori bhoo.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 week ago

Marry is one of the 7 wonders we have in the world through greed tha lead her to selfishness
money talks only when it says goodbye Marry

ayimbova madziva ava ma zebra crossing, she must ask GOD to forgive her for the sin committed to Shingi and the General to live a normal life.

women are like chewing gum
nice shape, appetizing lebel and so sweet
but in the end
shapeless and tasteless 😂

Machiavelli 1 week ago

I would like to know who this presiding magistrate is so that I pray for him/her. Should the political climate change, he(I don't think it is a she) should languish in the Water Court sin die, without any prospect of promotion.

Dear Magistrate, may the devil take you into his arms. Amen. Allahu ahkbar.

1 week ago

Mese muri Ana musoro bhangu

Zim 1 1 week ago

Ava Linda Masarira vedzungu muripi

Ccc 1 week ago

Mary failed us all, she should have terminated that thing way back. Now she is suffering and all of us are in the same predicament

Nyikayaora 1 week ago

Mubayiro wezvivi ndirwo rufu wakasiya murume achichema newe chemawo vaMugabe vairwadzisa vamwe asi vakazofa vasingadi kana kuona ZANU ndikoko chawakadya chamuka batai munhu kusvika afa

inini 4ox 1 week ago

hatidzori tsvimbo nekuti gudo tabata kumeso kuchema kwe lawyer hakupedzi nyaya

Putin 6 days ago

Angel of hope

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