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Latest: Prices Of Some Basic Commodities

Latest: Prices Of Some Basic Commodities

Prices of some basic commodities have been going up lately while some retailers were running out of some commodities. 

On Monday, Pindula News conducted a snap survey and realised that OK Zimbabwe, one of the biggest retailers in Zimbabwe, had no cooking oil in some of its outlets in Harare.

Some businesses were limiting the quantity of cooking oil one can buy to prevent hoarding. A survey below by The Sunday Mail also suggests the same. 

Rice 2kg 999.99 818.99 1020.50 24 2kg X 10
Sugar 2kg 1049.99 1600.00 949.99 23.00 2kg x 10
Tea leaves 250g 499.99 449.99 447.99 5.00 24 x 250G
Milk 1litre 549.99 459.99 625.15 6.80 1litre x 6
Salt 1kg 119.99 149.99 146.90 21.00 1kg x 20
Flour 2kg 999.99 879.99 1020.95 18.00 2kg x 10
Cooking oil 2litres ** * 1948.99 40.00 2litres x 12
Beef 1kg 3249.99 3129.90 2820.01 3.00 /kg
Chicken 1kg 1799.99 1729.99 1773.70 2.50/kg
Chunks 1kg 599.99 419.99 * 2.00 3kg
Kapenta 1kg 7469.99 8212.99 4482.10 10 11x100g
Eggs Irvines (crate) 1999.99 1899.99 1906.70 3.00
Mealie meal 10kg 2179.99 2548.99 2214.40 5.00
Bread 344.99 351.99 346.65 1.40 x 8
Bathing soap Geisha 250g 406.00 313.99 406.20 9.00 250g X 20
Washing powder 2kg 1379.99 1379.69 1656.20 20.00 2kg x 8
Tissue 4 (BabySoft) 1799.99 1339.99 1540.00 8.00 24 x 12
Dish wash 750ml 799.99 569.99 1202.30 9.50 8 X 750ml

The disappearance of some commodities from shelves is attributed to a cocktail of measures that were recently announced by the government to address the economic crisis.

Some of the measures, particularly a temporary suspension of bank lending, have since been reversed following public outroar.

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🤦 1 month ago

2023 is around the corner use your brains when voting, this is a sign of failure of some people.
being arrogant won't make you buy these basic commodities with half price.
People have to think wise we are all suffering because of hostile people we all seeing this.

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Pasi neZANU macomrades
Vote CCC for change

chidhori 1 month ago

dai hurumende yagara pasi ne ghavument vaite plan ......

Asalif 1 month ago

@The King of Serpents nyama don't worry dear I stay close to a game park $5 for 10kg any game you want fridges are labeled were do you stay in the country

citizen 1 month ago

hazvihwikwi zvamanyora izvo tiitirei serious, maprice enyu haverengeki ayo


Asalif 1 month ago

So tell me guys do we buy in same shops with the ruling elite or they buy where we don't see them like Bon Marche Westgate hameno Sam Levy Village never been there or they buy at corner shops like us as for me I should convert my salary to forex first then go and buy from vendors at the market

Thuggish Behaviour 1 month ago

Ma chunks anonaka kufura Beef,ndakatenga 3kg nezuro.

hey 1 month ago

hey hey musada kutanga kutukana. saka unofunga kut mu vhejitariyeni here. anotodya nyama

super beef 1 month ago

payanga yakachipa waimbotenga ere

The King of Serpents 1 month ago

😭😭😭😭😭😭 pakaipa, nyama yakudhura. So are we to resort to cannibalism?

Tintin 1 month ago

nyama inoitisa munyama haina basa.farira veggie.

Da Truth 1 month ago

Chotoshamisa kudzoka kwezvenhu kwete kukwira kwidzai mazipenzi tosangana ku bokisi

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Dream on kkkkk bokisi since 2000 has never made any difference.
Sweet dreams kkkkkk

Ospina 1 month ago

Ma 1

Ano 1 month ago

Econet ikukwidzawo mangwana 😂

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