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LATEST: All Used Vehicles Arriving In Zimbabwe Require An EAA Certificate

LATEST: All Used Vehicles Arriving In Zimbabwe Require An EAA Certificate

Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce has appointed EAA Company Limited (EAA) as an inspection company for a Pre-shipment Verification of Conformity (PVoC) program for the roadworthiness of used vehicles coming to Zimbabwe

The majority of vehicles imported into Zimbabwe are from Japan, the UK, Singapore, UAE and other Global origins.

The verification program is in effect from the 1st of June 2022 with fees for inspection varying depending on the origin of the vehicle. The fee is on top of duty.

Inspection fees (inclusive of tax) are as follows:

• Japan = USD$140 • Singapore = USD$140 • UAE = USD$140 • UK = USD$200 • South Africa = USD$140

EAA, a Company of Japanese origin with a core business of pre-shipment inspection of motor vehicles says all used vehicles arriving in Zimbabwe will require an EAA certificate of conformity (COC) to comply with import regulations on arrival at the Zimbabwe border (unless shipping documentation verifies the vehicle was shipped prior to the inspection commencement date of 1st of June 2022).

EAA adds that pre-shipment inspections will commence in the following countries from the 1st of June 2022:

i). Japan,

ii). The United Kingdom,

iii). Singapore,

iv). South Africa and

v). United Arab Emirates.

Important factors of the Zimbabwe pre-export roadworthiness inspection

• The vehicle (or used vehicle spare parts) must pass the mandated roadworthiness inspection. • There is a 10 year age restriction applied for used vehicle imports into Zimbabwe (passenger cars and light commercials under 5 ton).  Commercial vehicles 5 ton plus have no age restriction. • Right-hand drive vehicles can be imported. • Not to be considered a mechanical inspection. • Should the pre-shipment inspection not be completed prior to the vehicle export, MIC will impose a penalty of 15% of the CIF value of the vehicle, in addition to the full cost of an inspection in Zimbabwe. • Vehicles detected with odometer tampering will be rejected and cannot be imported into Zimbabwe.

Application and inspection procedure

1. Please send an “EAA Application form for (Zimbabwe Only)” to us by Email or Fax 2. Please ensure to attach a copy of the Export Certificate of your vehicle. (Please note that the inspection cannot be conducted when there is no Export Certificate). 3. EAA will issue an invoice and email or fax it to you by return. 4. EAA will confirm the inspection place, the vehicle details, and the date of inspection booking via telephone or fax, once payment is confirmed. 5. After the inspection is completed and the vehicle is passed, EAA will send the inspection certificate to the Exporter. You may also confirm inspection details at the following E-Cert URL by the input of your vehicle chassis number.

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Mtadzwanapasi 4 weeks ago

Why this government is always making our lives harder and harder every day! Talatadzeiko?

nc 1 month ago

kuwedzera kubira vanhu mari chete

XXX 1 month ago

Blue mota dzinouya dziribhoo maroads oponda mota idziii.

🔵 blue 1 month ago

I'm now joining CCC

💣 1 month ago

why in USD only...


Anonymous 1 month ago

Zanu pf tora mari unitef

collins 1 month ago

tora mari united as usual, chiona price yema usd, its always abt taking and taking from civillians and not giving back. iyo EAA yacho yadii kumbotarisa kuti ma.roads acho ari road worthy or car worthy here

Weedman 1 month ago

New tricks everyday

Ta@aa 1 month ago

Kurova vanhu seri neseri ukuduty varikuponda pamusoro pazvo voramba vachiwedzera nzira dzekubira vanhu mari pamota dzavo .Muchaona mota dzose hakuna ichanzi yapasa pasina chioko muhomwe .Njodzi mumigwagwa dzirikukonzerwa nemaroads akaipa kwete nemota dzirikupinda sezvavari kuttaura izvi

1 month ago

SC 1 month ago

More revenue for the state less development! typical Zimbabwe

bonjisi 1 month ago

firstly govt ngaigadzire road,then vozoti road unworthy vehicles,most of the accident mumugwagwa medu umu its bcoz road harina kumira mushe,if the road is good we as motorists we wont hesitate to give the gvt the money they want

Dmao 1 month ago

What happens if the vehicle fails the test when one would have already paid for it?

The King of Serpents 1 month ago

You just pay a "TOP UP" fee.

Blue 🔵 1 month ago

We've been lacking as a country in that department. Migweje yanga ichingopinda. Some are already complaining, but this is for your own good. Vamwe venyu can't think beyond mourning and throwing tantrums like a kid whko dropped a lollipop.

STALIN 1 month ago

You are an idio-t

parasite 1 month ago

ED hatombodi kuti vanhu vararame. Anototsvaga nzira dzekuomesera vanhu chete. Asadaro so

Laadin 1 month ago

@Blue 🔵 tambai mushe kudust ikoko🤣🤣

Blue 🔵 1 month ago

Une mari yekutenga mota here 😂?

Murozvi 1 month ago

Who is benefiting from all these charges

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Zimbabwe seems to be privatising all services that are supposed to be executed by government.

Why don't they just privatise government, maybe we7 can get people place who know what to do.

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