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Late General Mujuru's Son Embroiled In Property Wrangle

Late General Mujuru's Son Embroiled In Property Wrangle

The late Retired General Solomon Mujuru’s son, Tendai Mujuru, has been summoned to court to answer to allegations of using force and violence to enter a local resort in Borrowdale owned by Sekai Nyandoro.

Nyandoro is applying for a protection order against Tendai at the Harare Civil Court.

According to an affidavit deposed by Nyandoro, Tendai has been coming to the resort intending to take over the property which he claims is part of his inheritance.

Nyandoro said the late Solomon Mujuru acquired a stake in the business but the issue was still being contested in court. She said:

The respondent violated my peace, more specifically, in that he verbally abused me with threats of physical harm, if I refused to allow him access.

He indicated that he was taking over the place so that he could enjoy his father’s inheritance and we could never experience any peace if we denied him all his demands.

The matter has been set down for hearing on 20 April.

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