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Late Former President's Son Apologises For Calling Chin'ono A Clown

Late Former President's Son Apologises For Calling Chin'ono A Clown

Nathan Banana, a son of the late former President Canaan Banana, has apologised to award-winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono for calling him a clown.

Banana had criticised Chin’ono for highlighting the dire state of cancer treatment in Zimbabwe when he gave a speech in Geneva, Switzerland recently. He tweeted:

Kanti vele why is a cancer machine now a priority need over all other medical resources? Is it because some clown decided to make it an international concern?

There are so many other priority areas like building clinics/hospitals, upscaling pay packages & supplying Ambulances.

Chin’ono reminded Banana about how he had supported him when people made reference to his father’s sexuality and when his mother was being “persecuted” by ZANU PF. Said Chin’ono

When you were insulted on account of your dad’s sexuality, I stood with you.

When your mum was being denied her pension and persecuted by ZANU-PF, I stood with you and your family.

Today you call me a clown because I am asking the Government to save lives by buying cancer machines?

Banana, however, accused Chin’ono of lying about having supported him in any way and told him to leave his parents out of their verbal spat. He said:

Please @daddyhope don’t make false claims about the support you never provided. You are simply making reference to those issues to try and belittle my person.

I challenge you to share references to the support you claim to have given. Leave my parents out of it they are RIP.

Responding to Twitter users who had defended Chin’ono for his remarks in Geneva, Banana said:

Why tell a story to the international community in the first place? Were there other citizens attending the same conference also telling similar stories of their countries? What is the overall aim of sharing the story?

… democracy is also allowing me to freely constructively challenge his action without having to be insulted by his worshipers.

I personally believe not every concern you have in your household should be shared with your neighbour.

Meanwhile, Banana has apologised for describing Chin’ono as a clown saying “it was out of character”. He said:

As a peace-loving patriotic citizen of Zimbabwe & advocate for African Unity, I would like to apologise for my reckless reference to ‘clown’ used in a post in response to @daddyhope.

It was out of character and does not represent who I am as someone brought up in a respectable family.

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Tozivepiko 6 days ago

Ha ha ha hear him he critises Hopewell for revealing that our hospitals do not have cancer machines just bcoz he has access to foreign hospitals. He goes on to say that he was brought up well by his parents but forgets one of his parents was fired from the presidency bcoz of hungochani

1 month ago

zvemhino* 1 month ago


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

No need the reverse the clown word, the guy always paint the wrong pictures to the world about his motherland, for what? The west can never like a muntu, they pretend to cause conflicts amongst us black brothers zvingwarirei zvivanhu mhino dzinopedza mweya izvo...

Sgg 1 month ago

My question is, is he lying about the current cancer issue situation in Zimbabwe and we as Zimbabweans what are we doing about it.

Grand parent 1 month ago

We used not to believe the accusations of Ngochaniism on the Banana father, but it's now rearing it's head from the so called ngochani-son. lyo ngochani inozvazvara here zviye. lf one wants to wedge a way into zanupf,let it not be thru blatant foul talk. . Vana robati Jr tiri kudzokawoko wani kumhondi yaka hunger baba nechigunwe kusvikira vanyarara.

chee 1 month ago

uuu zvakaoma


Digo 1 month ago

kkkkkkk. eee mdhara nhubu aida dhidheki yemachinda asatodza hake canaan

bounty Hunter 1 month ago

but baba vake vainge vachiita zvonyadzisa chokwadi mmmmm dai anyarara hake now akutofungidza vanhu zvivi zvababa vake

Digo 1 month ago

kkkkkkk,hoooo ndivo vaye vekurehwa nabhobho ka vekufemera vamwe varume mgotsi

😡😡😡 1 month ago

"respectable family" my foot kufemera vamwe varume mugotsi is that respectable?

Mkanya 1 month ago

Son of a ngochani.... Your father raped jefta dube

Machiavelli 1 month ago

What I find infuriating is the attitude of this Banana non-person. He apologises for calling Hopewell a clown, but doesn't have the moral courage to admit/acknowledge let alone apologise that Hopewell was right regarding the state of cancer equipment in Zimbabwe.

He doesn't want Hopwell to give the historical context of support to the Banana family- because it is conveniently non-palatable. Talk of Selective amnesia

pyachu 1 month ago

Vybz Kartel you a clown k 1 month ago

*Just imagine 2023* *after election ndichiraira munhu patinofanira kusangana* *LET'S MEET BETWEEN NELSON CHAMISA AND NELSON MANDELA NEAR SUSAN TSVANGIRAI BUILDING OPPOSITE TENDAI BITI SQUARE TOZOENDA PAFADZAI MAHERE MALL* 2023 tichanakirwa zvedu

Don 1 month ago

H u d o f o

Don 1 month ago iwe dzakashota somewhere or u r just dull. Huya hwatinoti hu****

THE FIEND 1 month ago

Wena Nathan Sodindo Banana just remain anonymous, otherwise we will tell you how your faggot father is such an everlasting embarrassment to the Nation at large. Homo

Sir Che Guevara 🇿🇼 1 month ago

But why bringing his father's attitude on this magnanimous issue

THE FIEND 1 month ago

Wena Nathan Sodindo Banana remain anonymous otherwise we'll tell you about how your faggot father is such an everlasting embarrassment to Nation at large. Homo

gamba 1 month ago

why apologize my man he is a clown full stop

Banana-Rakaora 1 month ago

Nyoka haizvari dzvinyu

Observer 1 month ago

Shameful overripe banana 🍌

1 1 month ago

😂😂😂 ahh withdraw your comment

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