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Kudakwashe Mnangagwa Pulls Out Of ZANU PF Youth Race

Kudakwashe Mnangagwa Pulls Out Of ZANU PF Youth Race

Kudakwashe David Mnangagwa, a Non-Executive Director of the National Building Society (NBS), an NSSA owned bank, has pulled out of the race for ZANU PF top youth leadership posts at an elective party youth conference slated for next month in the capital.

The ruling party on Sunday held provincial youth conferences across the country, where four candidates from each province were selected to contest for national youth executive posts.

Kudakwashe who is believed to be closely related to President Emmerson Mnangagwa was reportedly eyeing a top position in the party’s youth league.   He confirmed his withdrawal to NewsDay saying he was already a provincial executive member in the party’s main wing and was fully behind the youth league. He said:

I decided to withdraw my candidature to pave way for more comrades in the province to have a shot in the national executive elections race. As we gear up for the 2023 plebiscite, it is crucial that Zanu PF youths have all hands on deck, leading from the front and behind.

I continue to serve the youth league as a provincial executive member. The youth in the Midlands province will always be united and speak with one voice, and that is to garner five million votes come 2023.

The selected candidates in the Midlands province were Phineas Makombe, who came out tops, followed by Nomatter Tsopotsa, Patience Chishumba and Vusimusi Manjonjo.

In Mashonaland East, the late Transport and Infrastructural Development minister Joel Biggie Matiza’s son Batsirai will be representing the province in the national executive.

Others in the national executive are Tawanda Mudowo, Magret Nyerere and Beatrice Kamuche.

In Matabeleland North province, provincial secretary Bigboy Nkiwane yesterday said the four candidates who won were Thubelihle Ncube (Hwange), Sitsha Mhlanga (Umguza), Allman Ndlovu (Tsholotsho), and Sibangezile Ndlovu (Bubi).

The ZANU PF national youth conference is slated for May 4 to 8.

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vene vayo 1 month ago

nyika ino lootwa nevene vayo chinhu chavo ichi

Zim 1 1 month ago

Nyika ndeyenyu itai zvamunoda ndimi kadzishe kufuga kana kuwarira

cde 1 month ago

apa hauna kana sendi

Dira rizare 1 month ago

Ndanga ndati ka ndishandise chizita zita chemukuru ndaizopindawo easy

dira hako rizare shamwari


Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

Political dynasties in the making. Zvidhara zviri kutopfekera vana vazvo pazvigaro zvenyika. Vana ivava vachatinetsa. The children of ZANU PF bigwigs are spoilt brats who spend, cash they never worked for, like Hollywood celebrities. They are more corrupt than their fathers as they compete to be called Mbinga. They compete in showing off Rolls Royce's, Range Rovers & Lamborghinis. But they've never worked a single day in their lives. Only earning through nepotism and patronage. Apa zvidhara izvozvi zvinozadza stadium year nevana vazo chete

lite 1 month ago

*If Zanu is not for Mugabe, Sithole, Nkala, Mujuru or Gumbo, then how can it be yours?*

by Multiverse Dungani
3 hrs ago | 523 Views
Anyone who thinks is a Zanu Member, is a proper **** who will never Learn. ****ishness is the Quality to be Unable to Learn, and unfortunately, in Zimbabwe, we have a surplus of that Quality.
Does anyone remember President Mugabe saying a pen cannot override the command of a gun? Does anyone remember Grace Mugabe declaring that she would execute a "Baby Dumping" on Joyce Mujuru? Is anyone old enough to remember Edgar Tekere confessing that Zanu is a club for armed thugs? Does anyone remember that Zanu was formed by Ndabaningi Sithole who later died under Zanu persecution? Does anyone remember Rugare Gumbo claiming that Zimbabweans were supporting Zanu for its vibrant programmes in August 2012?
Does anyone, with a working mind, remember how Mutasa would kill for Zanu? What does it take for a level headed person to see empirical evidence from Margaret Dongo who spent her life fighting for Zanu, but now confesses that Zanu is a mistake for Zimbabwe's progress?
Why would anyone want to be reminded of Enos Nkala, under whose roof Zanu was formed in 1963, and how he died an enemy of Zanu.
Who remembers a proud chap called Ignatius Chombo who used to be sure that Zanu was his Party? What about Webstar Shamhu who invented Mugabe Cremora mantra?
My question goes to a young educated thinker who is still stuck in Zanu. Do you really think you are more important to Zanu than Enos Nkala? Than Ndabaningi Sithole? Than Mugabe? Tekere, Chombo, Gumbo, Mujuru, Dongo, Shamhu, Grace or anyone who has been humiliated by Zanu including Mnangagwa himself?
Why would someone educated beyond grade 4, really fail to see that Zanu-PF has got no friends at all? It has an infinite mass of ****s to keep using, casting and recycling while eroding Zimbabwe resources at gun-point.
Does anyone with a little brain doubt that Mnangagwa and his wife and all their children will end up jailed by a new Zanu leader, maybe Kasukuwere or Mzembi? Is anyone aware that anything is possible in Zanu? Isn't Grace Mugabe more afraid of Zanu than myself today? Has it ever visited anyone's imagination that Mugabe would one day ask Zimbabweans to vote for MDC rather than Zanu?
Which Zanu Leader has ever enjoyed a safe retirement from Zanu without being hunted? Why would Mnangagwa be the first or are we incapable to learn from the past? Show me Sithole accumulated wealth today? What about Enos Nkala? Does anyone think Mugabe will have a single cow to pass to his children in ten years from now? What gain does Zimbabwe, as a country, gain from unlimited Hero-Worshiping? Where is the Cremora and what can we show as a Nation out of it?What do we expect to gain from-PFeee or wearing Rags of Many Colours that our President Weaved For Us? Are we really an educated country?
How can anyone fail to learn that Zanu is far away from being an innovative Party that can bring economic advantage to Zimbabwe, but a bunch of Armed operators who use our Police and Army to accumulate stolen wealth for the leaders?
We only have ourselves to blame if we openly and voluntarily repeat the same mistakes of propping up Zanu even when our soldiers earn less than a garden-boy in South Africa.

Then u hear murakashi busy defending zanu apa munhu wacho is a youth nxa peoplelitemust wake up and smell the coffee. YELLOW NATION👆👆👆👆 @T

Wave 1 month ago

Well said!

itel 1 month ago

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lite 1 month ago

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nc 1 month ago

munhu wese angoita tumari ava kutoita politician ndozviri kutadzisa nyika kuenda mberi

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