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Kuda Mahachi Loses Custody Of Child

Kuda Mahachi Loses Custody Of Child

Kudakwashe Mahachi’s ex-wife Maritha Ndlovu has won custody of their four-year-old son after the Department of Social Welfare had taken him.

Mahachi is accused of assaulting and scalding his son while at his house in South Africa. The footballer, however, denies the charges.

Officials from the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare took the child so that he can give an independent testimony in the criminal matter which is pending against Mahachi.

The department had also stated that it fears for the safety of the minor child but Ndlovu, the child’s mother, challenged the decision to take the child from her.

Through her lawyers, Coghlan and Welsh, Ndlovu argued that no persuasive reasons were given by the Social Welfare Department as to why it fears for the safety of the minor child while with his mother.

Ndlovu won back custody of her child after a probation officer’s report, with Bulawayo magistrate, Vivian Ndlovu showed that there was nothing Ndlovu can do that is detrimental to the minor child. Reads the judgement:

The minor child was said to be the child in need of care in terms of Section 2(j) of the Children’s Act by the Social Welfare Department.

Court finds that the probation officer’s report shows nothing that the mother has done which is detrimental to the interests of the child.

Probation officer’s report states that the child was allegedly injured in the custody of Kudakwashe Mahachi who allegedly assaulted him with a charging cable and scalded him with hot water.

Ndlovu had challenged the taking into custody of the minor by the Social Welfare Department saying they had failed, neglected or refused to take him to Mpilo Central Hospital for his weekly reviews.

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Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Kuda Mahachi now faces a lengthy jail term.

Gogo 3 weeks ago

Kuda! Kuda!Kuda!

Mnhanga 3 weeks ago

Mfana uyu imhondi

Joe Brownn 3 weeks ago

if all the narratives are correct, abusive Kuda must rot in jail.

Help 3 weeks ago

Why should a 4 yr lie.Kuda you are murderer

mm 3 weeks ago

asi nyaya yaKuda haisi muvezerwa here becoz to be frank hw can a footballer burn his own son .nekuti vanhu vazhinji vane vana vakomana vanotonyanyoda kuti vana vavo vagotevera matsimba avo.zvino kana wopisa mwana wacho makumbo kwatove kupenga chaiko plus angave wawakaita nepfambi chaiye unotomuda.chenjerai kugadzirira munhu nyaya

A 4 year old can say anything chaanzi ataure 2 weeks ago

A 4 year old can jus say watever told to say

Chimusoro change 2 weeks ago

Kuda now have a new wife, who might be the influencer to his actions and decisions.... The kid is saying kuda did it... So how can the kid lie

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Mwana and 4 years anganyepa kuti zviite sei?
If you support Kuda Mahachi just say so without casting aspersions about the child please.

Chitown 3 weeks ago

Kuda kuda wakaoma


mm@ 3 weeks ago

havasi vese vanababa vanoda vana vavo don't you know that.Kuda might be covering up for his current wife my dear

the Zebra 3 weeks ago

Had it been a poor somebody they were going to throw him inside and throw the keys away and forget about him

mama Bee 2 weeks ago

ukanyarara haufe urikuedza out mwana arikunyepera baba vake hre uyu isu tomugadzirira nyaya yei apa nyakupiswa achiti ndi baba vake

nyika 2 weeks ago

kunyepera kuda uku.varikuda kuvhiringa carrier yAke.

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