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Kuda Mahachi Acquitted Of Attempted Murder Charges

Kuda Mahachi Acquitted Of Attempted Murder Charges

Former Supersport United winger Kudakwashe Mahachi was this Friday acquitted of two separate counts of attempted murder by Bulawayo regional magistrate Mark Dzira, reported The Sunday News.

Mahachi was facing two counts of attempting to kill his four-year-old son Diego.

Allegations against Mahachi were that on a date unknown to the prosecutor but between 25 February and 14 April 2022, Mahachi assaulted his son with an iron bar on the head and mouth and also poured hot water all over his body.

The footballer was also accused of assaulting his son with a charger cable all over the body.

In his ruling, Magistrate Dzira said the complainant gave contradictory statements during cross-examination.

He also said other witnesses who testified also gave inconsistent testimonies and it was difficult to ascertain who was lying and who was telling the truth.

Dzira said medical experts could not ascertain the cause of the injuries hence the dismissal of the case and acquittal of Mahachi.

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MIKE 5 2 months ago

pane akapihwa 'kick back ' apa. doc or pp

Tintin 2 months ago

ok so it means it's a medical condition like cancer inemwana bhoo stereki🤔🤔🤔

Gb 2 months ago

How can you cross examine a minor with an adult zviri pachena mutongi akabhadharwa pakabuda mari nyaya yayiva pachena kudaro Itai henyu Mwari achakitongai
Saka muri kuti Mwana akaita sei

Analysis 2 months ago

The criminal law demands that the evidence has to irrefutable and moreover a minor is not cross examined but their are victim friendly courts whereby child psychologyists are involved

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

The state has to prove its case beyond any reasonable DOUBT. However, failure to prove beyond a reasonable doubt does not mean the accused person did not commit the offence. It simply means he got the benefit of the doubt.

A medical officer can document the nature of the injuries on the medical affidavits. But he may not conclusively ascertain the exact cause of the injuries because he was not there when the injuries were inflicted. This trial took too long and children have short memories unlike adults. The courts are also hostile & adversarial to the extent that laymen are often confused by the methods of questioning. Not to mention kickbacks & corruption.

Kuda Mahachi hired lawyers from Tanaka Law Chambers. The lawyer's might have been good at confusing the witnesses, resulting in conflicting evidence. Investigating officers also write bad English to the extant that lawyers can challenge the meaning or meaninglessness of the Warned & Cautioned Statement.

However, in the court of public opinion Kuda is guilty. He will have to live forever in the prison of his own conscience, fully knowing that he cannot escape from himself & what he did to that innocent little boy...

@ mark dzira 2 months ago

u are a disgrace to the justice system.

mtt 2 months ago

in court if the victim or witness issue differents statementsits a sign of lies hence the throwing of the case. the investigating office records a sworn i statement vombogara then kana nguva yetrial yasvika they will ask again the same questions any deviation is regarded as a lie

Interpol 2 months ago

People in the court room, it's not what you know, but it's what you can prove remember that.

Sir vast 2 months ago

You have to prove your case beyond any reasonable doubt,, a guilty psn can be acquitted if the state cannot put a solid case before the courts... backed with evidence which cannot be rebutted

Federal bureau 2 months ago

They is no way to prove that Mahachi poured hot water to the kid even if the kid did say so.


Mr Green 🌲 2 months ago

Pane akadya Mari at the expense of mwana apa

2boy 2 months ago

the mom should appeal this is injustice

2 months ago

I vote with you.

TTT 2 months ago

A go fund is required for the the mother to launch an appeal. LETS FIGHT INJUSTICE TOGETHER.

2 months ago

ityai Mwari imi ska mwana aKaita sei uyu saI venyu vana vakasangana nezvakapfuura izvi😭😭😭

Mdara Odza 2 months ago

Those lashing out at the Magistrate do you have a shred of evidence to prove his guilt?

Minnie 2 months ago

ko zvakanzi he found out kuti it's not his child wani

Mdara Odza 2 months ago

@Minnie how does finding out the child is not his prove that he scalded the child with hot water?

Mdara Odza 2 months ago

How does sending his child with Malayitsha prove he committed the crime? Inconsistent substantial evidence will not return a guilty verdict.

Ak47 2 months ago

Asi mwana wacho haataure kani

VZ 2 months ago


👤 2 months ago

but still go will do His justice, the truth is Kuda bhora apachisina. I doubt they is a club out there that will sign him a real club not zvimwa skwakeni club.
with this case and still supporting him u will be a disgrace to your children and children children's.

mtt 2 months ago

let me enlighten on court proceedings. the investigating officer records a sworn in statement vogara chenguva so when the trial begins the victims are asked again the same questions and to narrate the story.if one is lying obviously will give a different statement and they throw away the case. munhu ane chokwadi dont deviate becoz the story inenge iri real

Sussie 2 months ago

Please help me England vs USA results (FT). Thanks guys in advance.

Victor 2 months ago

Stop gambling @Sussie

Sussie 2 months ago

@Victor, I will never stop gambling bcoz iri kundi raramisa.....imba nemota dzangu ndakatenga nenyaya yegambling. Vana kuchikoro vanoenda nemari iyoyo, mum ari kutoita medicine degree two years time anenge ava Dokotera achazorapa iwe nemhuri yako.

Sussie 2 months ago

@Victor, I will never stop gambling bcoz iri kundi raramisa.....imba nemota dzangu ndakatenga nenyaya yegambling. Vana kuchikoro vanoenda nemari iyoyo, mumwe ari kutoita medicine degree two years time anenge ava Dokotera achazorapa iwe nemhuri yako.

2 months ago

England 0 -0 USA

Okocha 2 months ago

England 4-1 USA

kamujoma 2 months ago

Kkkk ayaas 0-0 pakufamba

Manikiniki 2 months ago

Ok so what happened to the child that resulted in those burns??

parasite 2 months ago

wat a relief to mahachi.

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Those who represented him as lawyers are going on vacation vakatopedza mari yemwana for him to be free from child abuse, sometimes lawyer is so UNGODLY coz money talks nicely like the devil...

Kuda Mahachi 2 months ago

Mwana akapiswa nevanhu ve CCC

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